Art + Wellness 

Edu Mass Meditation

Art-based programs have the powerful ability to help reduce stress, increase empathy, and foster an overall sense of well-being. The Crocker's Art + Wellness programs provide new opportunities to create community and connection through art experiences.

Art + Wellness Programs

Expressive Writing
Mindful Movement
Sound Healing
Wellness Video Library

People living with chronic pain and their family, friends, and caregivers are invited to explore the wonders of art and the creative mind. Participants enjoy the simple pleasure of art viewing in the Crocker's galleries as a trained docent facilitates group conversations about select works. No prior art knowledge is necessary. This program takes place in person at the Museum and via Zoom.

ArtRx in the galleries

Calm your mind and discover the art of the Crocker in new ways with local meditation practitioners. Enjoy the experience in-person at the Museum or through gentle, Zoom-based guided meditations on our YouTube channel.

Enjoy the tranquility of the Crocker and move through a gentle 45-minute yoga flow and art experience facilitated by a trained instructor. Offered as part of Art + Soul Sundays.

Yoga in the ballroom

Spend time making art in an open-studio format grounded in mindfulness, gratitude, and personal expression with a trained instructor.

Painting in the studio

Against the backdrop of a peaceful Crocker gallery, reflect and make space for new thoughts and ideas as an instructor guides you through a meditative writing experience. Supplies are available.

Slow-flowing movement and deep rhythmic breathing characterize this relaxing experience with the art of the Crocker. Yoga mats are encouraged.

In this immersive sound meditation hosted in the Museum's Historic Ballroom, retune your body, mind, and soul through vocals and healing sounds.

A group of people sit in the Crocker's historic ballroom on yoga mats. In the middle, a person leads a sound healing class with white bowls.