February 13, 2023
2 minute read

Crocker Art Museum Seeks New Cafe Operator

Crocker Art Museum Cafe

The Crocker Art Museum is seeking a new operator to run the Crocker Cafe.

The Crocker Art Museum is seeking a new operator to run the Crocker Cafe. The operator will serve the Museum’s visitors and staff and will ideally draw new patrons to the cafe and contribute to Sacramento’s food culture. The Crocker welcomes over 200,000 visitors each year and believes outstanding food service is integral to meeting the needs of the individuals and families who enjoy the Museum.

“The status of the cafe is one of the top questions we receive from visitors and potential visitors to the Museum,” notes Lial A. Jones, the Crocker’s Mort and Marcy Friedman Director & CEO. “Providing food and beverage service significantly enhances a visitor’s experience. We find visitors stay longer and explore more of the Museum when they are able to take a short break and enjoy a snack or a meal.”

The Museum will accept applicants in all styles of cuisine provided the menu meets the needs and desires of Museum visitors and program attendees. Paramount qualities in a new partner include quality of product, consistency in output, appeal of menu offerings, strong customer-oriented service, and interest in aligning menu to exhibitions or programs.

The Crocker Cafe has remained vacant since COVID-19 mandates closed the Museum to the public in March of 2020. The Museum is prepared to sign a multi-year contract with the new operator for all cafe-related food services. The Museum currently offers coffee service and light snacks, provided by Eden Coffee via a mobile coffee cart.

The full Request for Proposal is available at Interested parties must submit a response by March 10. Selected candidates will participate in an interview and tasting, with the final selection to be announced at the end of March.