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Homeschool Day: Inside 3D Art

What To Expect

Designed for homeschool students, parents, and collectives, this drop-in program allows families to structure their own experience, at their own pace, in the order they choose. It is priced comparably to school tours, offering Homeschool students the opportunity to experience the Crocker at a student rate and socialize with other homeschoolers. Visitors receive a map that highlights gallery locations where trained docents and guides are ready with a discussion or activity, centered around that day’s theme. Stop by the studio, where Education staff and Teaching Artists will share a related activity. Come alone or with a group and arrive before or stay after the program to enjoy lunch in the courtyard or explore more of the Crocker.  

Examine sculptures in the round and notice the variety of raw materials artists use to make them. Gain an understanding of sculptural design elements such as emphasis, form, and contrast before heading to the studio to construct your own sculpture. 

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