Conversations that Matter: Art and Artificial Intelligence

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Journey into art on view with lectures, community conversations, panel discussions, and other talks from scholars and experts in the field.

Reflect on the intersection of art and artificial intelligence with this thoughtful conversation that explores the impact of generative artificial intelligence—a broad category of technologies capable of producing content including text, imagery, video, and audio—on the creative sector. Inspired by the Crocker’s exhibition AI Am I? ARTificial Intelligence as Generated by Alexander Reben, artists and panelists Peter Williams, Sala Wong and Tanuja Mishra discuss the pros and cons of working with AI in their artistic practices and broader applications of this rapidly evolving technology. 


Tanuja Mishra is a designer, artist and researcher who works at the intersection of critical and speculative design and social practice. She investigates historical, cultural and aesthetic implications of technology to imagine futures that are both aspirational and equitable. Her current research focuses on questioning machine intelligence and building AI on the values of care, trust and interconnection.

Her work has been presented internationally, at South Asian Visual Arts Centre in Toronto, Arthur M. Sackler Museum and Gallery 224 at Harvard University, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, National Institute of Design and CEPT University Ahmedabad, and USID (Universal, Sustainable, Inclusive Design for social change) India Foundation. Through her social practice, she has designed community-based interventions in collaboration with government and not-for-profit organizations such as Uttar Pradesh Department of Tourism, City of Nanaimo and Umeed for Women. She has taught graduate students at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad and undergraduate students at Vancouver Island University in Canada.

Sala Wong is a new media artist who works between physical and virtual spaces. Her urban interventions explore cultural intersections and issues of diversity. Using large-scale projection, motion graphics and interactivity, her art illuminates the reciprocity of spaces and everyday life. In 2022, she launched InterPlaces, an augmented reality project connecting public art to visitors, artists, musicians, writers, architects, and everyone in-between from nearby and around the world. She is Project Director of SoftCircle Interactive, and is on faculty in New Media Art at California State University Sacramento.

Peter Williams is a hybrid media artist originally from Canada. Specializing in interactive installation art, he makes tactically unstable works that meet, avert and translate the gaze. Media are elastic and chimerical, more and more resembling us. Through his art, Williams struggles with this ever-deepening recursion. He is associate professor of New Media Art at California State University Sacramento.

Wong and Williams have presented their creative work and research at venues throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, including the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA), ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology, The Banff Centre, The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, and Eurographics.

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