Tour +

  • 2-hour programs are offered Tuesday – Friday, 10 and 11 AM
  • Maximum 35 students per hour
  • Four-week advance registration is required
  • All materials provided
  • If a school group elects to bring bagged lunches, they can enjoy them at Crocker Park directly across the street from the Museum, and if available the Museum’s E. Kendell Davis Courtyard. The Crocker Art Museum does not have indoor public spaces available for groups that bring bagged lunches. Please note in case of inclement weather, we suggest making alternate plans.
  • Chaperones ensure that each student has a safe and enjoyable experience. For grades 1 – 8, ONE chaperone is required for every EIGHT students. Teachers are always free; chaperones and additional adults are $2 per person.

Tour + Sketching
Grades 3 – 12; $175 per workshop
Look, learn, and practice basic sketching techniques with one of our resident teaching artists.

STE(A)M at the Museum
Grades 3 – 8; $425 per workshop
Led by Museum staff, this interdisciplinary tour uses the visual arts as a lens to study science and math concepts. This 2-hour program includes a studio session, where students are led through an arts integration activity.

Tour + Paper Sculpture
Grades 1 – 12; $275 per workshop
Using a variety of construction methods, students will transform 2-dimensional paper into 3-dimensional works of art.

Tour + Figure Silhouettes
Grades 3 – 12; $275 per workshop
After exploring figurative work in the collection, students work together to draw silhouettes using wooden modeling mannequins. A decorative background puts the finishing touch on this creative exploration.

Who will lead my Tour + Program?
Tour + programs are facilitated by both Education staff and volunteer Docents. Trained docents will lead the tour portion and Museum Educators will lead the hands-on workshop, building upon ideas introduced during the tour.

The Official Rogue Book Club

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Techniques in Dip Pen and Ink Drawing

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