• 45 – 50 minute tours are offered Tuesday – Friday, 10 & 11 AM. Alternate times based on docent availability.
  • Maximum 70 students per hour.
  • When reserved four weeks in advance, the price is $2 per student in Sacramento County, or $4 if visiting from outside of Sacramento County. Additional discounts are available for Title 1 schools. Please notify us of the percentage of students that receive free/reduced lunch when making a tour request.
  • Chaperones ensure that each student has a safe and enjoyable experience. For grades 1 – 8, ONE chaperone is required for every EIGHT students. For Kindergarten and younger, ONE chaperone is required for every SIX students. Teachers are always free; chaperones and additional adults are $2 per person.
  • If a school group elects to bring bagged lunches, they can enjoy them at Crocker Park directly across the street from the Museum, and if available the Museum’s E. Kendell Davis Courtyard. The Crocker Art Museum does not have indoor public spaces available for groups that bring bagged lunches. Please note in case of inclement weather, we suggest making alternate plans.
  • Interested in learning more? Explore our online curriculum enrichment guides for lesson plans and images to prepare students for their visit.

Take Art Apart

Grades K – 12
Learn the elements of art through focused observation, questioning, and group discussion of 2-D and 3-D works of art.

Crocker All Stars
Grades K – 12
Enjoy an introduction to the Museum with a tour of the Crocker’s collection highlights.

California Canvas
Grades 3 – 12
Build an understanding of California and its history through artwork from the past and present.

Going Global
Grades 3 – 12
Students interpret the history, culture and creativity of people around the world through art.

Art in America
Grades 6 – 12
Discover how 21st century artists creatively use materials to probe personal, social, and political issues.

Self-Guided Tours
Don’t see something that fits your needs? We welcome you to develop and lead your own tour. Grades Pre-K – 12. Generally offered Tuesday – Friday from 12 – 4 PM. Maximum 80 students per hour; one chaperone required for every eight students.

“A” is for Art
Pre-K and K (Ages 4-6)
1st and 3rd Thursdays, and 2nd & 4th Tuesdays • 10 AM, 11 AM or 1 PM • 45 – 50 minutes • Alternate times based on guide availability.

In this specially designed tour, early learners build educational and social skills through playful and fun art explorations. Maximum 35 students per hour; one chaperone is required for every six students.

This narrative tool is designed to help students on the autism spectrum, or any whomay find it useful, prepare for an “A” is for Art school tour at the Crocker.

Who will lead my tour?
Tours are led by docents, a special volunteer corp trained in art history, inquiry and dialogue. Docents lead students on tours that delve into art in new and surprising ways. Since no two docents are the same, no two tours are the same. Each docent is encouraged to consider requests, the academic and developmental level, along with the interests of their students. Docents come from many different backgrounds and chose to give back to their community by sharing their love of art!

The Official Rogue Book Club

This month, we're taking on ​Optic Nerve​ a "piercingly beautiful" tale that's part art criticism and part autofiction.

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In the Studio with Pantea Karimi

Be the first to try the Crocker's new series that focuses on living artists with global interests.

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Techniques in Dip Pen and Ink Drawing

Create a bold, crisp work inspired by from works in the Crocker’s collection of drawings and Wayne Thiebaud 100.

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