Art Ark

A mobile art education center

About the Art Ark

The Art Ark, the Crocker Art Museum’s mobile art education center, has been on the road since 1980, serving more than 475,000 students in grades K-8, teachers, parents, and community members. The program is designed to enhance art education being taught in schools, and to provide instruction for schools and school districts that have reduced their art education programs.

American Narratives is an interactive exhibition that invites students to study the lives and art of North American artists. Students will build visual literacy skills as they explore how art can tell the stories of the diverse people who call this country home.

Touring the Art Ark

Each classroom (K-8, up to 32 students) takes a one-hour guided tour of the Art Ark. During this tour, students will discuss American Narratives and explore interactive stations. All stations are designed to be self-directed for students.


Up to 16 classes (4 days): $2,000
17 – 21 classes (5 days): $2,200
22 – 26 classes (6 days): $2,400
27 – 31 classes (7 days): $2,600
32 – 34 classes (8 days): $2,800
35 – 38 classes (9 days): $3,000
39 – 40 classes (10 days): $3,200

Reserve the Art Ark

1. Download and complete the Art Ark reservation form
2. Email your completed form to, or mail to Crocker Art Museum, 216 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Questions? Please email The Art Ark fills up quickly, so interested schools should make a reservation as soon as possible. A limited number of scholarships are also available for the Art Ark. If you are interested in a scholarship, please indicate on the reservation form.

Curriculum Guide

Art Ark Tool Kit
K-2: My Art Ark Visit
K-2: Now I Can Do It!
3-5: What Just Happened?!
3-5: Practicing Perspective
6-8: Her Story
Autobiographical Picture Books
Standards Addressed


American Narratives is a product of the creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration of the following people: Mallorie Marsh (project manager, curriculum design); Marthe Howard (design); Sonja White (fabrication); Randy Brennan (fabrication); Brian Barneclo (exterior mural); Lisa Greene (curriculum guide); Nicholas Haystings (digital design); Brandon Ortiz (hardware integration); Andrew Davis and Izabel Juarez (Animation); Sigrid Benson (consultant); Tommy Young and Abraxis Spera (construction location); Stacey Shelnut-Hendrick (director of education); Melissa Sais (curriculum development); Rhony Bhopla, Breannah Gammon, Katelynn Rogers and Crystal Ruiz (educators, curriculum development); Ian Roffe and Amy Greer (preparators); Christie Hajela (rights and reproduction); Brian Suhr and Priscilla Garcia (graphic design); Clarke Brown (research); John Ehrhardt Elementary School (pilot visit); Sacramento Giclee (reproductions); ARC Document Solutions (label printing); Signs Now (vinyl); Matt Isble (vinyl); Dave Rossi and ModSpace (trailer maintenance); Mark and Tammy Ross (transport)

Thank you to our supporters

Blue Diamond Almonds
Frank H. and Eva B. Buck Foundation
John and Eunice Davidson Fund
Lynn & Glen Cunningham
Raley’s Family of Fine Stores

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