The Crocker is excited to unveil phase 2 for Audio Muse 2019: public voting on our list of performer finalists for our two-concert series this fall!

Audio Muse will be two exciting nights in October and December, with crowd-sourced emerging local musicians energizing galleries in the Museum with live soundtracks as guests enjoy drinks and food at the cafe, and explore, dance, admire, and find inspiration as music and art meld in every room!

Below are the 27 finalists with links to their music for you to discover and decide: Who should curate YOUR soundtrack at the Crocker?

Browse the artists, and then click the link below to VOTE NOW!

Band of Coyotes

John'nay Lasha

Sad Girlz Club

Eddy, Rose, and the Foreign Locals

Liz Ryder

Poor Majesty

Harlequin Rose

A Sombre Dream

The Ghost Town Rebellion

Todd Morgan and the Emblems

Daryel Gheni Dillon

David Perez Band




Flight Mongoose

Anxious Power


Basi Vibe

Fashionista Boyfriend

The Melting Pot Band


Tonic Zephyr

The Jungle

Pryncess Hall

What Rough Beast

The Midnight Dip