Season’s greetings from your friends at the Crocker! Get 10% off all Museum Store purchases on December 1 as our gift to you!* (Members can enjoy additional discounts on all purchases made from December 1 to December 8.) Plus, when you shop the store you’ll have a chance to win a handmade ornament by local artist Sandy Fong Whetstone, a copy of The Crocker Art Museum Collection Unveiled, and other cool prizes. Can’t make it in? We ship anywhere in the United States. (Just call us with your order!) You can also support the Crocker — and local artists — by visiting the Museum’s 14th annual Crocker Holiday Artisan Market on Thanksgiving weekend!

Starting your Christmas shopping early? Here’s some of our favorite items in the store. (Prices shown reflect the minimum 20% discount members can receive during Member Appreciation Week.)

Gifts for that special someone

The hobo bag is making a quiet comeback! Expandable, curvy, and lightweight: It’s the ideal bag to carry when a micro purse or shoulder bag just can’t cut it. Plus, the earthy, mustard yellow tones make it a great accent piece for the colder months ahead.

$78 $62.40

Nothing says, “Dad, I forgot to get you a gift”, like a ruby-red tie. Mix things up this year with a pair of funky-fresh socks by Funatic.

$12 $9.60These earth-toned earrings pair with just about any wardrobe. Hand-crafted by Emily Bixler (BOET) using vintage brass loops, embroidery threat and horsehair, they make a unique gift for the couture conscious. (This jewelry should not experience any rusting. However, moisture to the embroidery thread could damage the piece.)

$76 $60.80Who doesn't appreciate a colorful and cozy scarf when the weather turns cold? They’re also great accessories for summer. Add personality to your outfit by using it as a belt or as a handbag handle! These scarfs are made using a silk blend, which means they’re perfect for people with sensitive skin.

$58 $46.40So, you bought someone a scarf and they don’t know how to use it. Good thing you bought this New York Times bestseller on that very subject, complete with step-by-step photos. The book features tutorials for all types of scarves, styles, and DIY accessories.

$12.95 $10.36Emily Bixler’s hand-crafted necklace immediately caught our eye because of its understated authority. It leaves a weighty impression but is deceptively lightweight and can be worn with something fancy or a simple pair of jeans and boots. Each one is made to order and shipped to us, making each necklace one-of-a-kind.

$108 $86.40Each lightweight earring is made from a single slice of tagua nut and then dyed red. They’re eco-friendly and fair-trade, making them an ideal gift for the fashion-forward and environmentally conscious person in your life.

$33 $26.40Tea towels aren’t just for tea! Use them as a hot pad, serving tray liner, or decoration. You can also channel your inner Vincent Van Gogh and turn it into a work of art. (Just don’t expect £2.1 million for it.)

$21 $16.80

Gifts for kiddos!

Made from super soft corduroy, the funky, chunky Kordy stuffed lion is the perfect gift for animal lovers of all ages! Plus, the eyes are sewn, making it infant-safe.

$14 $11.20

Introduce kids to the art of construction with a Constructibles 3D Building Set, printed with art straight from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. The kit is designed to build fine motor skills and promote critical thinking. The pieces are made from 100% recycled paper and are printed with nontoxic inks, making it environmentally friendly!

$13.99 $11.19Keep the museum adventures going with A Marvelous Museum! The one-of-a-kind book is filled with colorful, retro art by Swedish illustrator Ingela Peterson Arrhenius. It’s also sturdy and tactile, making it a great gift for toddlers!

$8.99 $7.19

Gifts for the Christmas Tree

Handmade by local artist Sandy Fong Whetstone, these whimsical, raku-fired ornaments are great addition to any Christmas tree. Each one was made specifically for the Crocker, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

$32 – $48 $25.60 – $38.40

We’re resisting the urge to make an Inception reference here. (But come on, a Christmas tree ornament on a Christmas tree?) Made specifically for the Museum, these ornaments are a great way to show off your love of all things Crocker!

$23 $18.40

*Excludes all clearance items.

Top Image: Sacramento wrapping paper $3.50 $2.80