Make the Crocker your classroom with one of our School + Teacher Programs! Each one offers a range of experiences that spark creativity and critical thinking among students and teachers alike. We’ve highlighted two of our most popular programs below: Homeschool Days and Teacher Workshops. (Don’t forget: We can always bring the art to you, with Community Art Night, Crocker-to-Go, and the always popular Art Ark.)

Homeschool Days

Homeschool Days are designed specifically for homeschool students, parents, and collectives. The drop-in program allows families to structure their own experience, at their own pace, in the order they choose. It’s also priced comparably to school tours, offering homeschool students the chance to experience the Crocker at a student rate and socialize with other homeschoolers.

Homeschool Days starts with art in mind, focusing on themes in the permanent collections or temporary exhibitions. Every session caters to a variety of learning methods: slow looking, experiential, object-based, and inquiry learning. Students can also practice what they observed in the studio!

Each program is self-guided. However, staff, artists, and docents will be on hand to answer any questions students may have, as well as led students in artmaking activities. Homeschoolers are welcome to arrive before the program or stay late to enjoy lunch or explore more of the Crocker.

Homeschool Day: American Indian Art. Some programs focus on art in the permanent collections; others take a close look at temporary exhibitions.

Homeschool Day is offered four to six times annually, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Registration is $3 in advance or $5 at the door. No art experience is required, and all supplies are provided. Here’s what’s coming up for the rest of the school year:

Homeschool Day: Landscape
January 14, 2020; 12 – 2 PM (drop in)
Look at the variety of breathtaking landscapes found throughout the Museum before making your own.

Homeschool Day: Sculpture
March 10, 2020; 12 – 2 PM (drop in)
Build your own sculpture after viewing ceramic works in the Crocker’s collection and American Expressions/African Roots: Akinsanya Kambon’s Ceramic Sculpture.

Homeschool Day: Dogs
April 14, 2020; 12 – 2 PM (drop in)
Discover dogs in artwork and learn the basics of dog body language. Afterward, use that knowledge to meet some of Sacramento SPCA’s Love on-loan therapy animals!

Teacher Workshops are open to teachers of all grades and subjects, as well as lifelong learners, docents, students, social workers and homeschool parents.

Teacher Workshops

Teachers and museums go together like criss cross and applesauce! The Crocker is the perfect place for teachers to network, gain skills, and acquire resources that support and extend visual art education. In addition to free lesson plans and tours that stimulate artistic engagement, the Crocker offers recurring, professional development workshops that provide entry-level introduction to a variety of topics that educators may encounter in the classroom.

Each workshop includes gallery time, lectures from guest teachers and field practitioners, and practical resources to take back to the classroom. Workshops are open to teachers of all grades and subjects, as well as lifelong learners, docents, students, social workers, and homeschool parents.

Workshops are filled with rigorous professional training. However, we know that many teachers face an ever-expanding workload and are here on their off time. As such, sessions are relaxed; teachers are encouraged to speak their mind and take breaks when needed.

Teacher Workshops include in-gallery discussions with Museum educators.

Unless stated otherwise, Teacher Workshops are $15 for members or $20 for nonmembers. Upcoming workshops include:

Teacher Workshop: Mindfulness + Empathy
February 8, 2020; 10:30 AM – 12 PM
Experience the benefits of mindfulness, including its capacity to build empathy. Techniques include close observation and meditation techniques.

Teachers’ Day Out: Black History Month Celebration
February 16, 2020; 12 – 4 PM, FREE FOR EVERYONE
The Crocker's Black History Month Festival now includes educational resources designed to bring African American history, art, and culture to life in the classroom.

Teacher Workshop: Visual Literacy 20/20
March 7, 2020; 10:30 AM – 12 PM
The ability to make meaning from visual text is an increasingly critical skill for 21st-century students. Join us as we delve into theory and practices for developing visual literacy in students and ourselves.

Teacher Workshop: Storytelling Series
April 4 & May 2, 2020; 10:30 AM – 1 PM
Explore storytelling techniques and learn how to apply them to the classroom and when introducing students to art. Teachers are encouraged to attend one or both sessions.

Every Homeschool Day includes a trip to the Studio, where students can apply what they saw in the gallery. Image via Tom Gomes.