By Brian Hendershot

Wayne Thiebaud is officially 100 years young! Best known for his tantalizing paintings of cakes and pies, Thiebaud has long been affiliated with Pop art — although his body of work is far more expansive. We asked everyone to help us celebrate by making letters, poems, or birthday cards for the Sacramento artist who has brought us sweet confections and visual treats for all these years. You responded with over 500 cards, letters, and poems, in addition to several dozen well wishes, first-hand accounts, and scrumptious gifs on Facebook and Instagram.

Since the Museum is closed, we rounded up some of our favorite cards for everyone to see. Don't worry if your card or poem isn't below; it's on its way to its intended recipient, along with all the other well wishes!

Celebrating Wayne! Happy 100th Birthday
Anne Dasch / Mokelumne Hill, CA


Celebrate "Thiebaud Time"!
Lynn Beldner / Woodland, CA

Nola Milhoau / North Highlands, CA

Lacy Lilly / Carmichael, CA


Abigail D. / Sacramento

Happy 100th Birthday Wayne! Big wishes!
Alexander Mateo

Happy Birthday Wayne Thiebuad! At least you're not as old as you will be next year!
Alexandra Yakovleva / Sacramento

Dear Mr. Thiebaud,

My family and I wish you a very Happy 100th Birthday!

We own three of your works on paper and enjoy seeing them every day. We have visited many exhibitions of your art. We own some books showing your works. We look forward to the upcoming exhibition at the Crocker.

We especially appreciate your art because my grandparents, parents, and I are all native Californians. I am autistic, and admire your work!

Thank you for adding color, amusement, and happiness to our lives!


Rob Norton

Saratoga, C

Happy Birthday Mr. Wayne Thiebaud! I hope you like you cake. Adalena R.

Amara F.

Happy 100th Birthday Wayne! With lots of wishes!
Analia M. / Sacramento

Annabelle / El Dorado Hills, CA

Steve Coskie

Happy Birthday Wayne Thiebaud!! Hope you have a wonderful day, thank you for inspiring so many of us over the years!
xoxo, the Thomas Family / Sacramento

Dear Mr. Thiebaud,

Happy Birthday! The Crocker Museum has asked that people send you cards and well wishes, which I think is a great way of acknowledging how meaningful you are to so many of us.

I was an Animal Behavior major at UC Davis in the early ‘70s. Having to fill a few electives, I took several art classes, two of which were taught by you. Your love of art and your elegant presence elevated who artists were in my mind and influenced my life. Though my career took many twists and turns through the years, it ended firmly rooted in the arts.

I owned and ran an art gallery for 10 years and just retired from my job as the Executive Director of American Women Artists.

I wonder if you realize the profound way your teaching and your art has touched so many lives? I hope so!

Thank you.


Robin Knowlton

Bella W.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wayne Thiebaud! I am so inspired by your art. I like to do art too. I wish a happy 100th birthday.

Crystal Ruiz

Michael B.


My fond memory of Wayne Thiebaud dates back some 60 plus years when I worked at the old California State Fair helping to set up the exhibit for the Art Building. The work progressed seven days a week from early summer until the opening of the Fair in late August.

Displayed in the Art Building were paintings, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, etc. My job was to enter all submissions for judging by way of typed lists and, as a special assignment, pick up previously given orders by the artists from a local bakery each morning on my way to the Art Building. So, I learned a great deal about the various art forms and was able to watch Wayne set up a run of one of

his original prints. He very kindly gave me a signed and dated poster-size print of the head of a woman outlined in black with a brilliant red headdress. It is number 2 of a run of 35 from 1957. I have always referred to it as the “Red Nun”, and it has traveled with me throughout my life. I treasure it and the memories associated with it. Happy Birthday to a supremely talented artist as well as a Man for All Seasons.

Anne Moffatt Conway

Happy 100th Birthday! Best wishes for a great celebration. Happy Birthday! (and thanks to the Crocker!)
Carlos Alcala

Carol Leonard

Happy 100th Birthday!
Chape/ Davis

Cheryl Cerna / Sacramento, CA

Dawn A. Leytem / Sacramento

John Adams Academy Students

Ella F. / El Dorado Hills, CA

Happy 100th Mr. Thiebaud,

It is with great joy and admiration to celebrate you and your life's work. Thank you for your commitment to create. You have inspired my passion of paint and expanded my perspective of art-making. Your work delights the spirit. Thank you.

With respect and appreciation,

Christine Muratore Evans and Dean Evans / Oakland, CA


Anonymous / Galt, CA

Haillie McKnight-Smith

To Wayne Thiebaud

We learned to love the sweetest of extremes
From your whipped frothy rows of Boston Creams.
We learned to explore the dizziest of reaches
(Take Lombard Street’s chicane of serpentines,
Whose S-curves quill the skin like porcupines)
When you turned what was giddy enough in hills
To roller-coaster verticals, the thrills
Not only like the railed plunge through deep vales,
But how the mechanical clank tugs us aloft,
The suspense of stomach and bowels turning soft
With dread that only masquerades as fun.
We bonk against each cliff’s right-angled pun.
Your landscape cover art dazes and regales
On a Sacramento poetry book, Late Peaches.
Happy birthday, Wayne Thiebaud!

Tom Goff




Jenny Schoensiegel / Redding, CA

Kaitlin McDonald

Kathleen Hart

Katie Kelsch

Lilliana Erwin / El Dorado Hills, CA

To celebrate the artist, Wayne,
Let us toast with your best champagne!
A slice of choc'late gateau
Honoring MisterThiebaud
Here at the Crocker Art "Mus-ayne"!

Dear Professor Thiebaud,

I was a student of yours at the University of California at Davis from 1973-78, & thank you for being such a great teacher! You were the very best, and inspired me greatly over the years.

Congratulations on this very special occasion! Happy Birthday to you!

Thank you,

Susan Aberg
Berkeley, CA


Dear Wayne Thiebaud,

Happy Birthday!

With Love and Admiration.

Maija / Rocklin, CA

Happy 100, Wayne!

Thank you so much for your beautiful work and inspiration!

Cheers Cheers Cheers,

Mark Dayer / Sacramento, CA

Maya / El Dorado Hills, CA

Dear Mr. Thiebaud,

I hope your birthday is pretty sweet!! (hahaha get it? y'know because cake...) I'm a huge fan of your work, and I just wanted to wish you a very happy 100th birthday with this Wayne Thie-Blue card :) I'm a freshman at High School, and soon we're starting a whole unit inspired by your work in my VAPA class. I can't wait to learn more about you and your art! Have a fantastic birthday, and here's to many more!


McKenna S. :)

Nancy Fitzpatrick / Sacramento

Pam Wade & Family / Sacramento, CA

Paxton J.

Prinyanken / El Dorado Hills, CA

Happy 100th Birthday Wayne!
Wenwen P. Wang

Happy Birthday Mr. Thiebaud! Your art brings joy and happiness to the world!
Matthew and Jackson M. / La Habra, CA

Wayne Thiebaud: Happy Birthday!
Ray and Laurie / Sacramento, CA

Sending you so much love on this very special BIRTHDAY!
Rochelle and Family / Oakland, CA

Rose Wesley

Dear Wayne Thiebaud,

Wishing you a wonderful birthday full of happiness and art. I love your noveall [sic] realism art.

Happy 100th Birthday!
Sarah Soue,

Dear Wayne Thiebaud,

My name is Scarlett and I love your art so much. I'm in 5th grade now but ever since I did a report on you in 3rd grade you have been my favorite artist ever! It is so cool you worked for Disney as a cartoonist. Hope you have the best birthday ever!!!!! I wish I could wish you a happy birthday in person. I have always wanted to meet you. Maybe after COVID I will get that chance.

Enjoy your 100th birthday. That is so cool! I'm only ten but I hope I get to celebrate my 100th, too.

Love, Scarlett Bronner

Happy Birthday Mr. Thiebaud!

I have been a fan for well over 50 years... I grew up in Sacramento. I never get tired of looking at your work. Thank you for your paintings and prints and drawings and your dedication to the arts.

Scott Hansen / Fairbanks, Alaska

Sharon & Chuck Vogelsang

Happy Birthday Mr. Thiebaud. Thank you for all your art. Your art inspiring me.
Sofia T. / Sacramento, CA

100 years old and inspiring.
Millions Wayne Thiebaud
Sunny Shin

Devin C.

Tatum / El Dorado Hills, CA

Theodora Varnay-Jones

Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers

Amanda Zucker

Bill Tandler / Mento Park, CA


Thomson Parks / El Dorado Hills, CA

Happy Birthday Wayne Thiebaud!

Dear Wayne,

Happy Birthday to a transformative teacher. I attended an Art Appreciation Class in 1970. To this day two of my roommates from Davis meet regularly to enjoy the arts. Bob Gilberg was a friend of mine and a young Child. My father was the printer.

Best Birthday Wishes,

Mary Berliner Cabral

Colin B.


Dear Mr. Thiebaud,

Happy Birthday to a Sacramneto Gem and national treasure! Wishing you a day filled with love, laughs, smiles, and something decadent and sweet! Thank you for sharing your talent and art with us- they have been a source of inspiration, admiration, and pure delight. Cheers to you and 100 delicious years!

Much love,

Jen Kustin
(a big fan and fellow Sacramentan)

Ella Q.


Top Image: McKenna S. / Sacramento