By Crocker Staff

The Crocker Art Museum’s Art Spots have been quite the hit this year, with dreamy Gato, dazzling PL!NK, and adventurous Tot Land. Soon there will be one more Art Spot for visitors to explore.

The last Art Spot in the series, Wingding, opens November 19. Designed by local artist Sonja White, Wingding is an immersive, three-dimensional art installation that offers children 5 and younger opportunities to learn about the basic elements of art through play. Rounding out the sensory experience, Sacramento-based bassist and singer Casey Lipka composed and performed an original soundscape for the Wingding space.

Sonja white at work in her studio

Designed to stimulate creativity, play, and problem-solving via sculpture, Wingding encourages children to identify shapes and learn together. Watch the landscape change while you move and reshape geometric patterns through building, stacking, mixing, and turning wooden forms.

"I hope children will feel as though they climbed right into the lap of a sculpture and know it is something made for them. Wingding is for climbing, for spinning, for counting, for creating with its movable parts,"

Sonja White

White infuses the universal languages of nature and geometry throughout Wingding to create a world of geometric shapes, inspired by a childlike sense of open-ended possibilities for creating worlds and early childhood memories of building with wooden blocks.

Come find out yourself when Wingding opens November 19, 2017!

Top Image: Wooden parts used in Wingding