Thank you to our Big Day of Giving Donors!

We would like to thank everyone who donated to support the Crocker Art Museum for the Big Day of Giving! This year, through the generosity of our donors the Crocker raised over $130,000, which makes a BIG impact in our ability to continue providing art access throughout the Sacramento region. We offer our most sincere appreciation to the following donors:

Herbert Abell

Susan Abrams

Rita Achuff

Thomas Adams

American Online Giving

James and Jacqueline Ames

James and Michael Andrews-Passarella

James Arriola

Kathleen and Jeff Asay

Vivian and Maddy Auble

Logan Autrey

Diana Bachelor

Patti Baggett and Josh Horowitz

Katherine Bardis-Miry and Bay Miry

Linda and Paul Baumann

Jo Anne and Gregory Bearden

Betty Becker

Peggy and Frederick Becker

Ann Beinhorn

Kelsey Belomy

Susan and Robert Benedetti

Joseph Benguerel

Karen Benson

Carol and Roger Berry

Nina Biddle

Kathy Blackburn and Paul Choate

Jack and Joan Blyskal

Jose Bodipo-Memba

Peter P. Bollinger Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Liz and Wally Borland

William Breazeale

Nanci Bristowe

Ellen Broms

Nancy and Ronald Brower

Patricia Brubaker

Dan Brunner

Katherine Bucquet

Norma Burchard

Margaret Buss

Diane Butler

Leanne Byerhoff

Brookes and Max Byrd

Armida Campa and Herb Terry

Barbara J. Campbell

Diane Caudle

William Chambers

Aaron Chandler

Nancy Chapman and David Lindquist

Simon Chiu

Cecilia Clark

Edward Clark

Linda Clifford

Ruth and Phil Coelho

Kylie Coldwell

Diane Cook and Thomas Erwin

Teri and Daniel Cook

Annabel Cooper

Barbara Crist

Katherine Crow

Lou Cummings and Thorvaldur Torfason

Lynne and Glen Cunningham

Lana Daily

Barbara and Rudy Danzinger

Michele Darling and Morgan Lehman

Sally Davis and E. Jane White

Dawn Davison and Celise Davison

Delury Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Terilynn and Jim Diepenbrock

Deborah and Sarah Dillon

Marge and Joe Dobrowolski

Patty and Dennis Dong

Barbara Donnelly

Kathryn Donovan and Larry Aronson

Michelle Drewes

Jacquie Duerr and Alberto Balingit

Susan Dunn

Earl Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Susan Edling

Beth Edwards

Thomas and Nancy Eitzel

Linda Elgart

Mike and Judy Elston

Dr. Bill Eng Charitable Fund

Jennifer Enright

Russ Ethington and Nancy Sweet

Joan Fauber

Jill and Richard Ferreter

Samantha Fischer and Joseph Snyder

Ann and Jim Fish

Flannery Family Charitable Fund

Scott Folena

LeAnn Fong-Batkin and Peter Batkin

Jane Fox and Robert Garcia

George and Doni Foxworth

Michele Froyd and Rozanne Joy

Marilyn Fylling

Margie John Ganiban-Hayes

Eva Garcia

Susanne Garfield-Jones and Randy Jones

Shelly Garone and Tony Cantelmi

Kimberly Garza and Daniel Stanush

Michael and Barbara Genovese

David Gibson and William Ishmael

Mark M. Glickman and Lanette M. McClure

Sheryl and Ruben Gonzalez

Carol Goodman and Tony Gane

Bertha G. Gorman

Phyllis Graham

Jerry Grant

Gary Graul

Mary Doval Graziose

Al and Elizabeth Gress

Melani Grube

Mary Guon

Gwathmey Gang

Stephen and Dana Haley

Ashley Hamrick

Mary Hanson

Lori Harder

Sharon Harlan

Susan Harrold

Kay and Rick Harse

Stephen Hayhurst

Ryan Heater and Marian Heater

Lisa and Donald Heckman

Lisa Heilman-Cozzalio and Vic Cozzalio

Michiyo Heller

Monica Hernández and Kevin Flanagan

Diane Herold and Gint Sukelis

Ashley Hill and Larry Guenther

Michael and Sally Hirst

James and Deanne Hoekstra

Buzz and Mary Claire Hoever

Carol and Richard Hoffer

Heather Hoganson

Chris and Cheryl Holben

Diane and Julian Holt

Larry and Dian Hopkin

Howard Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Maria Howe

Pat Ingoglia

Virginia Isble

Lily Jamm

Clara Jewell

Amal Johnson

Amanda Johnson and James Muck

Charles Johnson

Ernie and Muriel Johnson

Michael E. Johnson

Judith Johnston

Carolee and Michael Johnstone

Lial A. Jones

Jane and Michael Jonsson

Colleen Jordan and Weldon Jordan

Jennifer Kaye and Eric Seifert

Denton and Kristine Kelley

Catherine and William Kesseler

Leonard A. Keyes

Brenda Kidd and Clyde Kidd

Donna and Keith Kihara

Jane Kirkland and Katherine Carey

Pam and Gary Kisor

Kathleen Klenzendorf

Ann and Chris Kronser

Amy Gen Kuong and Benjamin Ilfeld

Judith Kurylak

Susie La Pointe

ChunLien Lai and Wayne Anderson

Beverly and Ronald Lamb

Joyce Lambros and Jennifer Sinclair

Sandi Lane

Chelsea and Karlton Larson

Susan Larson

Joseph Lazazzera

Jennifer and Edward Lee

Nancy Lee

Roberta Lee

Kathleen Les and Harold Thomas

Lynda Lincoln

Sheena and Adam Link

Doris and George Loughner

Kristi and Hayworth Louie

Amy Lowenstein

Cindy Luke

Judith and Robert Maben

Paul and Frieda Maisel Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Judith Malone

Susan Mannon

Tosi Marceline and Philip Kitchen

Diane and Richard Marconi

Barbara Marcotte and John Woodling

Dennis and Nancy Marks Expendable Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Joan Marquand-Willse and Bob Willse

Thomas Martens

Kris Martin and Wilford Middleton

James and Susan McClatchy Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Heidi McLean and Morrigan McLean Haas

Susan McLearan

Joan McMurray

Crystal and David McMurty

John and Bree McWilliams

Mark and Gail Meeks

Joy Melnikow and Stephen Osterday

Linda and Steven Merksamer Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Jennifer Minett

Bernadette and Gene Miskit

Elaine and Kenneth Moody

Patricia Morgan

Kevin Morrill

Kamilah Morton

Patricia and James Moses

Janet Mukai

Emily Nahat and John Angell

Ellen Nakata-Harper and H. James Harper

Howard Nathan and Barbara Peterson

Joyce Nein

Carolyn and Curtis Nelson

Sara Nichols and Bill Magavern

Kimberly and Ryan Niemeyer

Nancy Noel and Joe Cavan

Sheila Nunez

Vicki Oberg

Peggy and Steve O'Guin

Christie and Courtney Olsen

Teri and Mitchell Ostwald

Cyndia and Aaron Owens

Manuel Pacheco

Rose Montillano Park

Michael and Jill Pease

Sarah Phelan

Kathy and Mike Phillips

Janet Poole

Sara Post

Stacey Powell and Dakota Walker

Hope and Jeffery Rabinovitz

Laura Rasmussen

Simone Miller Rathe and Mark Rathe

Claire Ravi

Meda Rebecca

Elise Reilly

Irma and Erica Richardson

Suzanne Rivers

Patricia Roberson

Mary Robertson-Kay and John C. Kay

Alexander Robinson

Carol Robinson

Patricia and Artagnan Rodriguez

Evelyn Rogers

Lynn Roller

Arlene Rose

Ruth Rosenberg and Joe Gibson

Shirley and Robert Rosenberg

Neal Rosenblatt and Hannah Penner

RSE Community Investment Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Angelica Rubalcaba and Surj Gish

Cheryl Russo

Jean Salfen

Mike and Laurie Salter

Estelle G. Saltzman

Laura E. Santos and Kara Synhorst

Susan Sawyer

Charlotte L. Saylors

Mary Anne Schendzelos

Alice Schilla

Sabrina Schultz and Stephen Walker

Jennifer Sengo

Suzanne Sharkey and Dan Chambliss

Tracy Shirhall

Karen and James Silva

Beverly and Tom Skordal

Irene and Robert Smerling

Evan Smestad and Jodi Samuels

Susan and Jon Snyder

Glenn W. Sorensen, Jr. Family

Freda and Roger Sornsen

Tawnya Southern

Marisa Spar

James Stanley and Francesca Wilmott

Christine and Jessica Steiner

Victor Steiner

David Stewart

Pamela and Stanley Stewart

Sarah Stoltz and Gregory Herrera

Brian Suhr and Mandy Werrin

Merrilee and Sherman Suhr

Jessica Svozil

Kimi Sue Swaback

Scott and Celestine Syphax

Tina Talamantes and Natalie Whitford

Teichert Foundation

Shirley Telep

Beth TenPas

Monica Thorderson

Nancy Thym-Hochrein

Donald and Denise Timmons Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Roseanna Torretto

William Trinkle and Margaret Rose

Helen Tsuchida

Stephanie Tucker

Shirlee Tully Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Catherine Turrill Lupi and Alberto Lupi

Susan Twining and Peter Saucerman

Susan and Toby Tyler

Peter and Patricia Urone

Rosalind VanAuker and Ken Endelman

Donna Vann and Kirsten Casella

Kim Staten Varner and Danielle Varner

Susan Veneman

Denise Verbeck

Barbara and Don Wackford

Pam Wade

Nancy and John Wagner

Jonathan Warren

Susan and Larry Weinstein

Ann Weldy and Inga Holmquist

Robert G. and Martha G. West Charitable Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Deborah Westover

Todd Weygandt

Beth Wilcoxen and Monica Eisel

Denise Williams

Clifton and Sallie Wilson

Mary and Daniel Wilson

Naomi and Patrick Wilson

Judy Wydick

Suong Yangchareon

Helen and Alan Yee

Gloria and Donald Yost

Kathleen and David Zezulak

*Donations received between April 20 – May 4, 2023.

Thank you for supporting the Crocker Art Museum!

Join the community-wide movement to raise much-needed funds for the Sacramento region by making a contribution to the Crocker for Big Day of Giving 2023. This annual celebration of generosity has helped over 700 area nonprofits raise $78 million!

Last year, your donations helped us inspire 6,799 students from 102 schools across 18 districts. With your support, we can continue to serve our community through the transformative power of art.

How to Support the Crocker for Big Day of Giving

Big Day of Giving 2023 is May 4, but you don't have to wait until then to give! Early giving starts April 20, meaning you can join this annual celebration of giving any time between then and midnight on May 4. With opportunities for matched donations, your support adds up to make a BIG impact for nonprofits like the Crocker.

Gifts of all sizes are deeply appreciated and help make an impact in our community!

How to Give:

  1. Visit OR to give online.
  2. Call (916) 808-6730 to donate over the phone.
  3. Mail your donation to the Crocker Art Museum at 216 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Starting April 20, we will recognize every donor that supports the Crocker Art Museum for the Big Day of Giving with name recognition on the rolling donor list published here and in our weekly e-newsletter.