By Crocker Staff

It’s that time of year when email inboxes and social media news feeds begin to fill with Big Day of Giving promotions and other fundraising asks. Between now and May 7 you will inevitably receive an appeal to support every single one of the 600+ nonprofits participating in the Sacramento region’s Big Day of Giving.

This year more than ever, the support raised through fundraising campaigns like the Big Day of Giving will be a crucial lifeline for local nonprofits, including the Crocker Art Museum, but you do not need to wait until May 7 to help.

At a time when our community is most vulnerable, art and arts engagement are more vital than ever for mitigating the impacts of isolation, anxiety, and feelings of despair. Art is a bright light at a time when people need it the most. The Crocker provides many people in the region with their only regular source of artistic programming, and our role is even more crucial during this time of crisis. We need your help to ensure our community is supported.

The Crocker's collection features works from six continents with a focus on paintings and international ceramics. Its collection of contemporary works by California artists reflects the state’s ongoing artistic vitality and diversity.

On April 15, we kicked off the Crocker Quarantine Challenge when one of the Crocker’s longtime members challenged the entire Museum membership to step up and join him in making a donation above and beyond the cost of his membership. He and the dozens of members who accepted this challenge are ensuring the Crocker can continue to offer digital engagement with art during the closure. Their donations — and yours, if you choose to give —will help offset the catastrophic losses in revenue the Crocker has incurred while being closed to the public for nearly a quarter of the year. Eliminated admission and program revenue, declining membership renewals and philanthropic support have deeply affected our ability to sustain our programs and operations. Despite this, we are deeply committed to serving you and our Sacramento community now and when we reopen. We need your support now more than ever to ensure we can do so.

Of the Museum's approximately 270,000 annual visitors, more than 26,000 are school-age children.

Throughout the Museum’s closure, we will be recognizing every donor that steps up to accept the Crocker Quarantine Challenge with name recognition on the rolling donor list published in our bi-weekly member-only newsletter. We will be adding new names to every email, so give now and add your name to the growing list of supporters.

Giving is easy! Visit, call (916) 808-7843, or mail your donation to the Crocker Art Museum at 216 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. And remember, your donation (received before May 7) will also help the Crocker meet its Big Day of Giving goal.

Please consider a donation today, and help the Crocker bring people together and connect them in unexpected ways with art, ideas, each other, and the world around them. Together we can provide our community with the peace, solace, and hope it needs to get through this difficult time.

Top Image: Parent and child at Baby Loves Art. The Crocker Art Museum is considered a national leader in educational programming, offering 600 programs and classes each year for learners of all ages, abilities, and stages of development.