By Crocker Staff

A new school year will start soon, and the Crocker's mobile art-education center, the Art Ark, is taking reservations!

Currently, the Crocker is touring Art Ark COLOR! in Art, Science, and Nature, a program that explores the many facets of color and its role in our everyday lives. But the 2017-2018 school year will be the community's last chance to see the installation before it comes to a close next May, and there are only a few spots left.

By extending the Crocker’s resources beyond the Museum walls, the Art Ark provides pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students and their families with valuable art experiences at schools and other public sites. On the Art Ark, thousands of children have access each year to original art work, instruction by professional art educators, and hands-on learning based on the California State Common Core Standards.

Students inside Art Ark Color

As children experience museum-quality art, guided activities and interactive stations, they engage in visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and participatory learning. They are also given opportunities to explore creative processes, learn vocabulary and techniques, and create, in a program designed to provide rich art experiences with benefits that go far beyond the classroom.

The Art Ark covers a broad geographic area, reaching eight counties and 127 zip codes in its travels throughout the region. More than half of the schools serviced are Title 1 schools where 73 percent – 92 percent of children are on the free or reduced lunch program. To ensure that children in underserved communities benefit from the Art Ark, the Crocker offers a limited number of scholarships based on Title 1 status to support Art Ark fees.

Want to book Art Ark for your school? Click here to learn more, or call (916) 808-1059.

Top Image: The exterior of the Art Ark Color