By Crocker Staff

“I don’t want a picture, I want a painting.”

Raimonds Staprans

Come see for yourself what Staprans meant, as you peruse 55 of his paintings on view through October 8 at the Crocker.

The exhibition affords many opportunities to appreciate Staprans’ bold color and richly layered technique and to better understand why he is often described as a “painterly realist”. While the subject matter is mostly still-life or abstract, the paintings are deeper than they appear on first glance.

“The subject matter is deceptively simple, and yet the paintings themselves are highly complex," says Scott A. Shields, associate director and chief curator at the Crocker, “One never tires of looking at them, as there is always more to discover.”

Don’t miss your chance to see this beautiful exhibition. Click here for more information.

Top Image: Raimonds Staprans, Afternoon 5, 1986. Acrylic on canvas, 43 7/8 x 48 1/8 inches. Promised Gift to the Crocker Art Museum from the Collection of Jane Olaug Kristiansen and Patricia O'Grady .