Tavarus Blackmon

Tavarus (Blackmonster) Blackmon is a California-based artist and father. His work explores themes of domesticity, including the role of the father to the family and the subtle but awkward complications that arise when balancing home-life with the studio practice.

Brandon Buza

Brandon is incredibly curious by nature, and over the years his outward curiosity has created countless unique opportunities to connect and photograph a wide array of people, places and things. In particular, he is often drawn to subjects that are important to society, but just out of view or overlooked by most. His coverage of the San Francisco cable car workers during the pandemic is one such example. Through his cultivated connections, he finds inspiration and determination to do his best work.

Adam Cochran

Adam Cochran (American, b. 1982) is known for his multi-layered figurative paintings that glide between the Bay Area Figurative, Abstract Expressionist, and Pop movements. Smearing, scraping, and sanding oil paint to explore and question ideas of masculinity, power, erasure, and grace have become signature movements in his work. He received his BFA from California College of the Arts in 2014 and his MFA from UC Davis in 2019. His work is held in private collections across the country. Adam currently lives and works in Sacramento.

Davy Fiveash

Davy Fiveash is an artist who was raised in the deep south just north of the Georgia/Florida line. He has an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently represented by Archival Gallery in Sacramento and Artize Gallery in Palm Springs, CA. His work is an introspective look into the psychology of personal identity and how it formulates a direction into one’s desired community and perceived self-quantification. Davy’s work has been shown in the DeYoung Museum, the Crocker Art Museum and the Crocker Kingsley Exhibition. He is the recipient of the Fred Ball Memorial Grant for Artists in Crisis.

Brandon Gastinell

Working in his art studio in Downtown Los Angeles, Brandon Gastinell is constantly inspired by the vibrant arts scene and diverse culture of the city. He is currently working on a new collection that explores the anatomy of ballerinas through the medium of oil pastels. In this collection, he aims to capture the grace and movement of dance while also exploring the intricacies of the human form. He is fascinated by the way in which the body is able to bend, stretch, and contort in order to create beautiful and expressive movements.

Through his art, Gastinell hopes to convey a sense of movement and energy, as well as a deep appreciation for the beauty of the human body. He believes that art has the power to inspire and enrich the lives of those who experience it, and it is his hope that his artwork will do just that.

Daniel Gobert

Daniel Gobert is a self taught sculptor from Grass Valley California. He uses local river rock & discarded slab remnants to create a diverse array of sculpture art. He has shown work at Lilly Vigil Gallery of Nevada City, California and Blue Line Gallery of Roseville, California.

Jeffrey Grau

Exploring the figure in a variety of forms without preconceptions or need to be accurate, Jeffrey Grau provides his tactile response. He has no formal training or instruction, but rather follows his hands in the clay.

Steven Higgins

Steven Higgins is a Sacramento-based painter and recently has a solo show at John Natsalous.

Pamela Mooney

Pamela Mooney was born in southern California in the suburbs of Orange County. After high school, she attended University of California at Los Angeles where she earned a BA in Philosophy. Subsequently, she moved to New York City where she studied painting and drawing at The Art Students League. Returning to California, she continued her studies through extension courses at San Francisco Institute of Art and the California College of the Arts. Her work has appeared in numerous group shows in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York. She currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

Carol Mott-Binkley

Carol Mott-Binkley is an avid, self-taught iPhone street photographer in Sacramento affiliated with Archival Gallery. Mott-Binkley has exhibited her photographs in galleries in Sacramento, Davis, and Roseville, and she has won numerous awards in California State Fair photography competitions.

Hannah & Alana Nicholson van Altena

Drawing inspiration from the flora, fauna, rivers and mountains of Northern California, Alana and Hannah of Nicholson van Altena Glass focus on developing work with a natural flow. The vibrant lichen resting on towering pines and the deep emerald pools of the local rivers influence their exploration of layering colors and building textures with glass. Growing from close childhood friends to professional partners, the two have developed a fluid exchange of ideas leading to unique collaborations.

Commissions include works in Dubai, Hong Kong, and several US medical facilities. Nicholson van Altena Glass has had the honor of participating in several juried exhibitions including Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival, Crocker Art Auction, PBS KVIE Art Auction, Craft Nouveau: An International Fine Craft Competition, and National Mother Lode Art Exhibition - Award of Excellence.

Susan Poirier

Susan Poirier is a contemporary artist known for her minimal, abstract paintings. To achieve a lightness of touch, she pours acrylic paint, creating subtle veils of color to attain her almost monochromatic works. Preparation is integral as she often begins with a black background requiring multiple trials to achieve the desired final color. Her paintings have a spiritual, meditative quality, and she references Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, Eva Hesse, Robert Ryman, and James Turrell as her inspiration.

Although she has had a lifelong love of art, Susan did not begin painting until retiring from a career as a critical nurse and educator, which she says has a profound influence on the art she creates.

Her work is shown in the Sacramento area and has received multiple juror’s awards. She has also exhibited at M. David & Co. in New York and Artsy online.

Born in Boston, MA in 1952, she resides and works in Carmichael, CA.

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez is an art history graduate from University of California, Davis. His influences include the Renaissance, Albrecht Durer, Magritte, Mexican culture, and architecture, among others. He is currently on a path in architecture, research, and painting.

Brian Seek

Brian Seek grew up in the 90s in a very desolate, lonely corner of the Arizona desert. He finds that there is something familiar and comforting in the buzzing sounds of florescent and neon lights when all else is quiet. It invites memories of the sleepy desert towns of his youth. These are the things that he is drawn to in photography: the buildings and objects worn down by human presence, at night when they can rest without being disturbed. Brian finds that the slow and quiet experience of making long exposures at night is mirrored by the solitude spent in the darkroom printing under a similar buzzing light.

Matthew Skelly

Sarah Zeigler and Matthew Skelly have created ceramic art together since 2021. While both produce work individually, their collaborative practice is a combination of their interests: pottery, sculpture, and illustration.

Ceramic forms are thrown on a potter’s wheel, burnished to the point of having a slight sheen, and then decorated with delicate underglaze illustrations which envelope the entire shape seamlessly. The drawings often depict simplified characters in chaotic and playful situations, and occasionally techniques common to comic books and animation, such as panels and “smear frames,” are mimicked on the clay surface.

The pair also makes “wrapped vessels,” wherein forms thrown from darker stoneware are adorned with extremely thin slabs of illustrated clay, creating the illusion of paper clinging to the pot.

The quality of the lineart, texture of the clay body, and the contrast between the energetic drawings and the rigid ceramic forms are all central to their practice.

Fab Sowa - Dobkowski

Fabienne (Fab) Sowa–Dobkowski is a California-based, self-taught photographer with a PhD in Art History. With sensibilities deeply rooted in the fine-arts traditions, her photography reverses the anthropocentric perspective of the art genres to portray the transient and illustrate the interconnectivity of humanity and nature. She organizes her pictures into thoughtful series to promote environmental awareness through aesthetic perceptions.

The series “Portrait of a Wildflower” aims at emulating bust portraits. The leading inspiration of the compositions draws from the Flemish Primitives painters who embraced static compositions, apparent naturalism combined with subtle symbolism. The oval shape framing the subjects and the black wooden frame are part of the compositions. The selection of the wildflowers and their photographic capture in the field can present unforeseen challenges. Nonetheless, the series is growing one wildflower at a time.


As an artist who is color blind, Leaveswell brings a unique perspective to his work that challenges traditional notions of color and its relationship to art. For the past four years, he has worked as a full-time muralist and sign painter. His studio space at Broad Room in Sacramento has provided him with the space and resources to grow as an artist, while also connecting him to a community of like-minded creatives.

While he has enjoyed success as a commercial muralist, he is now looking to transition into a fine art career allowing for exploration in oil painting, woodworking, and concrete structures. By creating works inspired by the artists of the 60s and 70s who used construction materials to produce art, he is driven to push the boundaries of traditional art forms with each new project and is excited to continue evolving as an artist in the years to come.

Joel Stinghen

Joel Stinghen graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration and has worked as a graphic designer for over 40 years. Most recently, he was a principal at Marketing by Design in Sacramento before retiring a few years ago, though he still does occasional freelance graphic design projects. Stinghen started making found object sculptures in 2001.

Bob Wynne

Bob Wynne is a former photo-journalist, daily newspaper Managing Editor, and public relations executive who enjoys seeing the world through the camera's lens and splits his time between France and San Francisco.