• Wilhelm Vita (Austrian, 1846–1919), Scheherazade. ca. 1891. Oil on canvas. 74 x 114 in. Sandy and Bram Dijkstra Collection.
    Scheherazade and her Sisters
    Real and Imagined Gilded Age Women from the Dijkstra Collection
    June 21, 2020 — September 20, 2020

In One Thousand and One Nights, the strong-willed Scheherazade saves herself and many other women by outsmarting a brutal king with her fascinating tales. This exhibition of paintings explores fantasy images of the seductive power of women in late 19th- and early 20th-century art, and places them next to those of real working women of the Gilded Age, who survived in a world far removed from the Orientalist dreams and supernatural settings popular with the artists of this period. But, whether real or imaginary, these women, depicted with fierce conviction by a wide range of European and American artists, retain their allure even today. Learn more about the exhibition HERE, on our blog, the Oculus.


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