• Hendrick Goltzius, The Circumcision. 1594. Engraving, state ii/ii, plate and sheet 47 x 35.6 cm. Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
    Passion and Virtuosity
    Hendrick Goltzius and the Art of Engraving
    October 20, 2013 — January 26, 2014

Known as the master Dutch engraver of his time, as important for engraving as Rembrandt was for etching, Hendrick Goltzius was a pivotal printmaker at the turn of the 17th century. His engaging subjects and highly versatile technique earned him praise and

The series at the core of this collaborative exhibition, the Life of the Virgin and the Passion of Christ, show Goltzius in all his chameleon-like virtuosity. Focusing as much on technique as on the subjects in the series, the exhibition explores the influence and interpretation of earlier printmakers in Goltzius's work as well. The visual dialogue between Goltzius and precursors such as Albrecht Dürer provides a deeper understanding of the history of engraving and visual culture in the late 16th century. Goltzius's own passion for his subjects and technique make the objects in the exhibition the most ambitious works of his career.

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