Wide Open Walls Interview Series

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
4:30 PM

Any other year we would celebrate the Wide Open Walls mural festival with a blow-out party filled with music, dancing, and drinks, as well as art and artists from around the country. Although we can’t do that this year, we remain committed to serving as a platform for artists to share their work with our community. Catch us on Instagram throughout the week of the festival, as we chat with a few of this year's participating artists about their work, process, and how they’re staying creative through the pandemic.


Monday, September 21 at 4 PM: Shonna McDaniels; mural located at 1403 19th Street
Wednesday, September 23 at 4:30 PM: Cheyenne Randall; mural located at 1810 Del Paso Blvd
Friday, September 25 at 4 PM: Madelyne Templeton; mural located on 8th street & Improv Alley


Free for everyone!

Image 1: Mural at 1810 Del Paso Blvd by Cheyenne Randall. Via Wide Open Walls / Mero.
Image 2: In-progress mural at 8th street & Improv Alley by Madelyne Templeton.

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