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The collection of master drawings at the Museum initially shaped by the Crocker family’s purchase in 1869–71, focuses on the major European schools between the 16th and mid-19th centuries. Collection strengths include drawings from the Italian, Dutch and Flemish 17th century, the French 17th and 18th centuries, the German 16th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as related prints. Californian and American prints, drawings, and watercolors from the mid-19th century to the present are also included.

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  • Giuseppe Bernardino Bison (Italian, 1762–1844)
    Capriccio Landscape with Classical Monuments. n.d.
  • Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion (American, active 19th century), publisher
    Untitled. n.d.
  • Guillaume Delisle (French, 1675–1726)
    America Septentrionalis. circa 1758.
  • Gustav Drouaillet (American, born France, active mid–19th century) and printed by F. Kuhl
    California Engine Company No. 4, San Francisco. circa 1856.
  • H.F. Cox and Endicott & Co.
    Post Office, San Francisco, California A Faithful Representation of the Crowds…. circa 1850.
  • Hans Rottenhammer (German, 1564–1625)
    Judgement of Paris. n.d.
  • Harold John Brothers (American, born England, 1888–1947)
    California St., San Francisco. 1923.
  • Harpers Brothers (active 19th century), publisher
    The City of San Francisco, California [From Second St. Above Folsom]. July 11, 1857.
  • Harrison Eastman (American, 1822–1891) and published by Britton & Rey (American, 1852–1906)
    San Francisco. 1852.
  • Hendrick Goltzius (Dutch, 1558–1617)
    Eer boven golt [Honor above Gold]. 1609.
  • Hendrick Goltzius (Dutch, 1558–1617)
    Judith with the Head of Holofernes. early 1590s.
  • Henry Bainbridge (American, active 19th century) and George William Casilear (American, 1826–1912)
    View of San Francisco. n.d.
  • Henry Bainbridge (American, active 19th century), George William Casilear (American, 1826–1912) and published by Joseph Fairfield Atwill (American, 1811–1891)
    View of San Francisco Taken from the Western Hill at the Foot of Telegraph Hill. 1851.
  • Henry Bill (American, 1824–1891)
    San Francisco. 1852.
  • Henry Firks (American, active mid-19th century) and published bt W.H. Jones and G.T. Devereaux
    San-Francisco, 1849. 1849.
  • Henry Jerome Schile (American, born Germany, 1829–1901)
    Across the Continent: Passing the Humboldt River. 1870.
  • Henry Jerome Schile (German, 1829–1901), published by H. Schile & Co.
    Across the Continent: Passing the Humboldt River. 1870.
  • Henry Lange (German, 1821–1893), Anstalt von Leopold Kraatz (German, active 19th century) and published by V.G. Westermann (German, active 19th century)
    Bai San Francisco und Vereinigung de Sacramento mid dem San Joaquin. 1854.
  • Henry Steinegger (American (born Switzerland), 1831–1917), Joseph Britton (American, born England, 1825–1901) and Jacques Joseph Rey (American, born France, 1820–1892)
    Territorial Pioneers of California, Domingo Marucci. May 25, 1878.
  • Herman Moll (English, born Holland, 1654–1732) and published by I. Bowles et. al. (English, active 18th century)
    North America. circa 1720.


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