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The collection of master drawings at the Museum initially shaped by the Crocker family’s purchase in 1869–71, focuses on the major European schools between the 16th and mid-19th centuries. Collection strengths include drawings from the Italian, Dutch and Flemish 17th century, the French 17th and 18th centuries, the German 16th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as related prints. Californian and American prints, drawings, and watercolors from the mid-19th century to the present are also included.

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  • Fritz Scholder (Luiseño, 1937–2005)
    Bicentennial Indian. 1975.
  • Gaspard Dughet (French, 1615–1675)
    Landscape with Mercury and Argus. n.d.
  • Gaspard Dughet (French, 1615–1675)
    Landscape with Two Figures. n.d.
  • Georg Melchior Kraus (German, 1733 or 1737–1808)
    Young Woman Eating. n.d.
  • George B. Hitchcock (American, active 19th century), publisher
    Untitled (Shipping Order). July 21, 1874.
  • George Frederick Keller (American, born Prussia, 1846–1927)
    The Arctic Expedition, The Jeannette Passing Through the Golden Gate, S.F.. circa 1865.
  • George Frederick Keller (American, born Prussia, 1846–1927) and Francis Korbel (active 19th century), published by F. Korbel & Bros.
    Emperor Norton. circa 1880.
  • George Henry Burgess (American, born England, 1831–1902)
    View of the City & Harbor of San Francisco, from the Corner of Fremont & Harrison Streets. 1854.
  • George Henry Goddard, Sr. (American, born England, 1817–1906) and printed by Britton & Rey (American, 1852–1906)
    Bird's Eye View of San Francisco and Surrounding Country. 1868.
  • George Henry Goddard, Sr. (American, born England, 1817–1906) and published by Britton & Rey (American, 1852–1906) and printed by Snow & May (Amerian, active 19th century)
    Snow & May's View of San Francisco and Surrounding Country (Key). 1875.
  • George Henry Goddard, Sr. (American, born England, 1817–1906), Joseph Britton (American, born England, 1825–1901) and Jacques Joseph Rey (American, born France, 1820–1892)
    Bird's Eye San Francisco. 1875.
  • George Holcomb Baker (American, 1827–1906)
    Cliff House & Seal Rocks. circa 1862.
  • George Holcomb Baker (American, 1827–1906)
    Military of San Francisco. n.d.
  • George Holcomb Baker (American, 1827–1906)
    Poor Old Bummer!!. 1865.
  • George Holcomb Baker (American, 1827–1906) and published by Edmund Lorenzo Barber (American, active 19th century)
    San Francisco Past and Present. 1854.
  • George Robinson Fardon (Canadian, born England, 1807–1886)
    San Francisco, Cal.. 1855.
  • George William Casilear (American, 1826–1912), C.V. Cooper, John Cameron and published by Henry Bill Publishing Company
    Part of San Francisco. 1853.
  • Gérard de Lairesse (Flemish, 1640–1711)
    Expulsion of Hagar. circa 1675.
  • Giacomo Franco (?) (Italian, 1550–​1620)
    Musicians in a Gondola. n.d.
  • Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian, 1720–1778)
    Palazzo Per la Sacra Consulta. n.d.


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