Works on Paper

The collection of master drawings at the Museum initially shaped by the Crocker family’s purchase in 1869–71, focuses on the major European schools between the 16th and mid-19th centuries. Collection strengths include drawings from the Italian, Dutch and Flemish 17th century, the French 17th and 18th centuries, the German 16th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as related prints. Californian and American prints, drawings, and watercolors from the mid-19th century to the present are also included.

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  • Maynard Dixon (American, 1875–1946)
    Cottonwoods of El Dorado, 1924
  • Nicolaas Verkolje (Dutch, 1673-1746)
    Time Unmasking Deceit, n.d.
  • Pavel Tchelitchew (American, born Russia, 1898–1957)
    The Harvest, 1928
  • Pietro Testa (Italian, circa 1612-1650)
    Venus and Cupid in a Landscape, n.d.
  • Raoul Dufy (French, 1877-1953)
    La Fête Chez Poiret, circa 1926
  • Rembrandt van Rijn (?) (Dutch, 1606-1669)
    Liberation of Saint Peter, 17th century
  • Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669)
    The Death of the Virgin, 1639
  • Remigio Cantagallina (Italian, circa 1582-1656)
    View in a Tuscan Hill Town, n.d.
  • Rick Bartow (Wiyot, Mad River Band, 1946–2016)
    Fire III (Rain of Fire Coming, Last One Standing), 2004
  • Sassoferrato (Italian, 1609-1685)
    Holy Family, n.d.
  • Simone Cantarini (Italian, 1612-1648)
    Holy Family and Figure Studies, n.d.
  • Théodore Rousseau (French, 1812-1867)
    Sous Bois, n.d.
  • Thomas Couture (French, 1815-1879)
    Portrait of Mme. Sabatier, n.d.
  • Vittore Carpaccio (Italian, circa 1460-1465 - circa 1525-26)
    Pope Alexander III Presenting a Ceremonial Umbrella..., n.d.
  • Walker Evans (American, 1903–1975)
    Torn Poster on Brick Wall Advertising "J.C. Lincoln's Sunny South Minstrels," Alabama, 1936
  • Wilhelm von Bemmel (Dutch, 1630-1708)
    Landscape with the Artist Sketching, n.d.

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