Works on Paper

The collection of master drawings at the Museum initially shaped by the Crocker family’s purchase in 1869–71, focuses on the major European schools between the 16th and mid-19th centuries. Collection strengths include drawings from the Italian, Dutch and Flemish 17th century, the French 17th and 18th centuries, the German 16th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as related prints. Californian and American prints, drawings, and watercolors from the mid-19th century to the present are also included.

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  • Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920–2021)
    Dark Glasses. 1991.
  • Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920–2021)
    Farm Hill. 1992.
  • Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920–2021)
    Bow Ties. 1993.
  • Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920–2021)
    Dark Chocolates. n.d.
  • Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920–2021)
    Steep Street. 1993.
  • Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920–2021)
    Park Place. 1995.
  • Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920–2021)
    Valley Farm. 1993.
  • Wells Fargo & Co.
    Untitled (Wells Fargo Note). August 31, 1859.
  • Wilhelm von Bemmel (Dutch, 1630–1708)
    Landscape with the Artist Sketching. n.d.
  • William Carey Jones (American, 1814–1867), William Eddy (American, 1819–1854), Edwin Moody (American, 1814–1896) and Banjamin Franklin Butler (American, born France, 1816–1865)
    Official Map of the City of San Francisco, Full and Complete to the Present Date. January 15, 1851.
  • William Eddy (American, 1819–1854), S.W. Higgins (American, active 19th century), P.M. McGill (American, active 19th century) and published by C.B. Graham (American, active 19th century)
    Official Map of San Francisco. 1849.
  • William Eddy (American, 1819–1854), Zakreski and Hartman (American, active 19th century) and published by S.H. Marlette C.E. (American, active 19th century)
    A Complete Map of San Francisco. 1851.
  • William H. Dougal (American, 1822–1895) and published by John T. Towers (American, 1811–1857)
    View of San Francisco from Yerba Buena Island. 1852.
  • William Keith (American, born Scotland, 1838–1911)
    Untitled (Coastline with Road, Land's End). n.d.
  • William Simpson (Scottish, 1823–1899)
    San Francisco from Rincon Hill, April 1873. 1873.
  • William Smith Jewett (American, 1812–1873) and published by Sarony & Major (American, active 19th century)
    A View of Sutter's Mill & Culloma Valley on the South Fork of the American Line, Alta, CA. n.d.
  • William Smyth (English, 1800–1877) and J. A. Pinto (active 19th century) and published by Thomas C. Russell (American, active 19th century)
    The Mission of San Francisco, Upper California et al.. circa 1800.
  • William Vallance Gray (American, born Scotland, 1839–1891) and Charles Braddock Gifford (American, 1830–1882)
    Bird's Eye View of the Bay of San Francisco and Adjacent Country. 1869.


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