Wondrous Wax: Sierra Wax Artists

The Crocker is proud to present a unique selection of encaustic and cold wax work provided by the members of the Sierra Wax Artists group. Encaustic is the ancient and luminous fine art of painting or sculpting with layer upon layer of molten bees wax and resin while cold wax uses oils and cold wax medium to create mystical, matte films of color and depth. The group includes artists from all over Northern and Central California and promises to be a most beautiful and unique display of contemporary work.

Linda Nunes, encaustic and mixed media artist, that serves on the board in charge of events; along with Sara Post, Cold Wax Artist from Davis.

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  • Karl Roseler
    Ontitel, 2020
  • Kathleen Moore
    Urban Bright, 2019
  • Kim Vagt
    Estuary, 2020
  • Linda Nunes
    Box Boy, 2017
  • Linda Nunes
    The Green House, 2019
  • Linda Nunes
    Red, 2020
  • Margaret Skiles
    Tree 2, 2019
  • Marta Kravech
    Shaped by Wind #1, 2020
  • Marta Kravech
    Shaped by Wind #3, 2020
  • Melanie Marchant Meschery
    New Mexico Triptych, 2020
  • Monica Wilson
    Into the Mystic, 2020
  • Nancy Crandall Phillips
    Untitled 030518, 2018
  • Pam Flores
    Felipe, 2020
  • Paula Busch
    Exploding Basket, 2019
  • Paula Busch
    Stacked Baskets, 2020
  • Paula Busch
    Oyster Baskets, 2020
  • Pru Starr
    Karen Way Memories, 2019
  • Rhonda Campbell
    Japanese Lifeline, 2020
  • Sharon Blomquist
    I Love Mornings-Six Fifty Six AM, 2019
  • Sherri Morris
    Earths Elements, 2020

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