Into the Mystic, 2020.
Monica Wilson
Encaustic, oils, oil pastel, shellac burn, gold leaf on birch panel, SWA..

Encaustic painting is unpredictable and messy – like life.

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As an encaustic painter, I am inspired to create unusual and unpredictable works through the use of beeswax, damar resin, and an array of colorful pigments. Encaustic painting is unpredictable and messy – like life. While using a torch to create ebbs and flows, I try to mimic the ebbs and flows of life. The outcome is usually not what was originally mapped out, but nevertheless, is beautiful and unique. I am inspired by color, movement, and the moods the two may evoke. Some colors suggest calmness, but when used with a certain energy and movement, might conjure excitement and liveliness.

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