Voices: Speaking with Your Photographic Eye

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center and the Crocker Art Museum come together to showcase photographic works by college and high school students in a special exhibition for Photography Month Sacramento: Voices: Speaking with Your Photographic Eye.

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  • Alex Len
    Passed On. 2019.
  • Alicia Joo
    Through a Window. 2019.
  • Allison Izarnotegui
    Sight. 2019.
  • Angel Chea
    Descent. 2019.
  • Angelea H.R.
    Sour. 2019.
  • Aniko Meszaros
    Let It: Freedom and Release. 2019.
  • Antonio Thompson
    Green Galaxy Night. 2019.
  • Ausama Al Salmon
    Midnight Mood. 2002.
  • Ausama Al Salmon
    Tropical Mood. 2019.
  • Barbara L. Cross
    I See Clearly. 2019.
  • Binh Nguyen
    Innocence. 2019.
  • Binh Nguyen
    Tears of a Mother. 2019.
  • Bob Fredenburg
    Drake's Estero to the Sea. 2019.
  • Brandee Serr
    Tameka. 2019.
  • Cameron Getty
    Untitled. 2019.
  • Chelsea Watts
    Still Life Group. 2019.
  • Cole Parrott
    The Runner. 2019.
  • Darya Charnavusik
    We Are Different. 2019.
  • Dylan Stephens
    Kirby Cove. 2019.
  • Edward Harimoto
    Eye Contact. 2019.


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