Nocturnal, 2020.
Devany Rain Royalty (Ponca/Cree/Tsalagi/Cherokee The Deer Clan)
Pen and Ink.

Heya! My name is Devaney Rain Royalty and I am a 19 year old self-taught freelance artist, born and raised in Sacramento California. I am Ponca/Cree/Tsalagi (Cherokee) The Deer Clan. I was raised the Beauty Way and follow the Red Road as well as the Teachings of the Medicine Wheel. My piece here is Nocturnal. Sacramento has always been my hometown and my entire life really, I couldn't imagine myself in a different place.

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I grew up going to the Sacramento Powwow every year on Broadway and visiting SNAHC (Sacramento Native American Health Center) and our Local CO-OP. This piece represents my experiences and life in Sacramento and what it means to me. When I was little I'd have to ride the light rail and I used to look out the window and draw, ALOT. The People 'camping' on the train represent the spirits around Sacramento and how I believe they looked out for my mom and I during the really hard times. If you live Downtown, you know at a certain time everyday a Group of Crows and Ravens will fly into a certain area and begin to caw for hours and its Amazing. I always imagined them flying in and out of the spirit world seeing the things I don't see. What I added to this piece is something from every drawing I've done for a gallery or event because each one was such an important part of my life and I couldn't be here without them. The water and baskets represent the Baskets that were sacrificed into the streams in California during the gold rush and to represent how far we've come despite the mistreatment and Genocides we've had to overcome these past generations. This is probably the most personal piece I've drawn and it reminds me how grateful I am for living in Sacramento and for growing up on this Land and for its Rightful People who have taken care of it for Centuries.

WAH-DOH/Thank you!

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