Multiple Horizons: Native Perspectives at the Crossroads

Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians
Exhibits & Collections Department presents

Multiple Horizons

Just two miles southwest of this museum sits the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers. Much like the Confluence brings two bodies of water together, Sacramento has long been a place that brings people together. This area is at the epicenter of natural trade and gathering routes, as most confluences are.

Throughout time the type of convergence taking place on this land has shifted. From Nisenan Big Time gatherings, to the arrival of the railyards, to modern arena events, this land sits at the Crossroads of many unions. Where water meets water, Indigenous meets immigrant and where traditions meet the future.

From the perspective of the Nissim Pawenan, Sacramento was built on us. This land is unceded Nisenan territory, home to our plant, four-legged and blood relatives, a kinship built over centuries. For a long time that relationship was disrupted but evidence of our forbear’s land management skills are still present in the fertility of the soil. Although the plots we steward are now much smaller, the information is still here ready to be taught, exchanged, and applied, which leads us to new Crossroads.

The SSBMI Exhibits & Collection Department would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the Crocker Art Museum and it’s staff for the opportunity to present this assortment of Native perspectives within the region. It is an honor to exhibit work by regional artists such as Gemma Benton, Noixium Berrios, Jordan Burkart, River Burkart, Andrew Cabrera, Denise Davis, Siranika Johnson, Raymond LeBeau, Meyo Marrufo, Melissa Melero-Moose, Stan Padilla, Shanti Parks, Jeremy Peconom, Devany Rain Royalty, Monique Sonoquie, Gerald Stone and Alan Wallace.

We also would like to thank the artists who continue to represent the Nissim Pawenan of the Sacramento Valley including Jacky Calanchini, Olyvia Calanchini, Grace Lanouette, and Jaime Lanouette, as well as Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Education Center participants Alexander Calanchini, Joseph Cervantes, Nathan DuMarce, Malaki DuMarce, Mahilani Kaluhiokalani, Riley Fonseca, Serenity Fonseca, Elizabeth Torres, Chazz Pettis, Aleah Williams, and Jaden Xiong.

In collaboration with concept: art + movement, an incubator of Arts and Culture El Dorado.

Multiple Horizons features California Indian, Native American, and Indigenous artists, community, and youth.

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  • Alan Wallace (Nisenan/Maidu and Washoe)
    maac'amna peen (Side A). 2020.
  • Alan Wallace (Nisenan/Maidu and Washoe)
    maac'amna peen (Side B). 2020.
  • Alan Wallace (Nisenan/Maidu and Washoe)
    maac'amna wyktee (Side A). 2020.
  • Alan Wallace (Nisenan/Maidu and Washoe)
    maac'amna wyktee (Side B). 2020.
  • Alan Wallace (Nisenan/Maidu and Washoe)
    maac'amna wyktee (Side C). 2020.
  • Alan Wallace (Nisenan/Maidu and Washoe)
    maac'am (Side A). 2020.
  • Alan Wallace (Nisenan/Maidu and Washoe)
    maac'am (Side B). 2020.
  • Andrew Cabrera
    Individual Horizons. 2020.
  • Denise Davis (Mountain Maidu)
    New Beginning. 2020.
  • Denise Davis (Mountain Maidu)
    Nature Weaving. 2020.
  • Denise Davis (Mountain Maidu)
    Mountain Weaver. 2020.
  • Devany Rain Royalty (Ponca/Cree/Tsalagi/Cherokee The Deer Clan)
    Nocturnal. 2020.
  • Gemma Benton (Menominee/Filipino)
    Remembering Forgotten Landscapes. 2020.
  • Gerald Stone (Seminole/Cherokee)
    Sad-Eyed Sisters of the Old Lands. 2020.
  • Gerald Stone (Seminole/Cherokee)
    Crossroads. 2020.
  • Gerald Stone (Seminole/Cherokee)
    Bull Durham. 2020.
  • Grace Lanouette (Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians/Nisenan)
    Rock Art 2, 3, 4. 2020.
  • Grace Lanouette (Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians/Nisenan)
    Rock Art 1. 2020.
  • Jacky Calanchini (Nisenan)
    Tule. 2020.
  • Jaime Lanouette (Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians/Nisenan)
    First Attempt. 2020.

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