Kingsley Inspirations

A Kingsley Art Club tradition, this year’s exhibition features artwork from regional high school students inspired by the Crocker Art Museum’s permanent collection and recent exhibitions. Founded in 1892, the Kingsley Art Club’s mission is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of art and to promote and encourage the teaching of the arts.


Nikki Tosta, The Moment of Foolishness (1st Place ), 2021. Mixed Media, C.K. McClatchy High School, 11th grade; Colette Combrink, Pride Cube (2nd Place), 2020. Wire, embroidery floss, plastic, sharpies, acrylic paint, C.K. McClatchy High School, 9th Grade; Kevin Briceno, Don't Be Suspicious, ( 3rd Place) 2020. Digital photography, Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts, 11th Grade.


Dixie Rivera, Person with Mirror, 2021. Pencil on paper, Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts, 12th Grade; Abigail Malek, Mom, and Book, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, St. Francis High School, 11th Grade; Isaela Salgado, La Calavera en el Vestido, 2021. Digital media, Franklin High School, 11th Grade; Angela Delgado, Three Bad Little Pigs, 2021. Watercolor, Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts, 12th Grade; Madison Lapid, Untitled, 2021. Digital art, CK McClatchy, 11th Grade.

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  • Abigail Malek
    Mom and Book. 2021.
  • Ailee Thor
    Untitled. 2021.
  • Alberto Toscano
    Kid of Darkness. 2021.
  • Alexandra Diaz
    Self-Portrait. 2021.
  • Alexandra Herrera​
    The Object. 2021.
  • Alexi Hogue
    Macabre. 2020.
  • Alicia Jimenez
    Succulents. 2021.
  • Allison Kitchen​
    Summer. 2021.
  • Ally Ray
    Sea. 2021.
  • Alyssa Canafe
    Back in Time. 2021.
  • Anaïs Jimenez​
    Perfume Bottle​. 2021.
  • Angela Delgado​
    Three Bad Little Pigs. 2021.
  • Anna Tong
    Cake. 2021.
  • Annabelle Vue
    The Shy Beast Man. 2020.
  • Ashlyn Reynolds
    Cloudy Coast. 2021.
  • Blake Aboueljoud
    Si es el GOP, es Corrupto. 2021.
  • Braelyn Prosser
    Heaven’s Here. 2021.
  • Briana Schwarz
    Fear of Fire​. 2021.
  • Colette Combrink
    Pride Cube,. 2020.
  • Daniah Kanaan Adnan
    The Mosque. 2021.

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