High School Self-Portrait Show

Comprised of artworks in diverse media, this exhibition presents an exploration of self. A longtime Sacramento tradition, the Crocker Art Museum is honored to showcase the self-portraits of high school artists within our region in collaboration with Chalk it Up!, University Art and Christian Brothers High School. Athletes have games, actors put on shows, and musicians have concerts, but visual artists have few opportunities to showcase their work. The High School Self-Portrait Show gives the very best high school artists a chance to display their art for the Sacramento community.

Congratulations to this year's winners: Natalie Headrick, Best in Show; Ana Fenton, 1st Place; Ella Geronimo, 2nd Place; Sidnee Boyd, 3rd Place; Jennifer Flor Sotelo, Best in Medium; Kristen Elen Herrin, Best in Medium; Sydney Smalling, Best in Medium; Ilon Owczarzak, Best in Medium; Keith Vonne Louise D. Lapuz, Best in Medium; Wendy Liang, Best in Medium; Marina Kordich, Best in Medium; Jenny Makoyed, Best in Medium; Emily Anne Huckins, Best in Medium; Brandon Ryan, Best in Medium.

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  • John Demas (Jesuit High School)
    Untitled, 2020
  • Kao Chang (Luther Burbank High School, 12th Grade)
    My Lazy Days, 2020
  • Keith Vonne Louise D. Lapuz (Florin High School, 12th Grade)
    Keith Vonne Louise D. Lapuz, 2020
  • Kristie Elen Herrin (Rio Americano High School, 11th Grade)
    Cradle, 2020
  • Marina Kordich (Christian Brothers High School, 11th Grade)
    Head Up Above, 2020
  • Micah Evans (Capital Christian High School, 10th Grade)
    Sunlit Smile, 2020
  • Natalie Headrick (Capital Christian High School, 11th Grade)
    Conflict of Character, 2020
  • Pace Walder (Jesuit High School, 12th Grade)
    Broken Soul, 2020
  • Pheonix Folger (Rio Americano High School, 12th Grade)
    Aosoth, 2020
  • Ratu Joshua Raikadroka (Captial Christin High School, 9th Grade)
    Jacket with Emotions, 2020
  • Samantha Nicole Vicedo (Luther Burbank High School, 10th Grade)
    Snapchat Filters, 2020
  • Sidnee Boyd (Bella Vista High School, 10th Grade)
    Butterflies, 2020
  • Smith Vang (Luther Burbank High School, 12th Grade)
    Self-Portrait, 2020
  • Sydney Smalling (Capital Christian High School, 11th Grade)
    Smirk, 2020
  • Wendy Liang (Florin High School, 12th Grade)
    Reflection, 2020
  • Yoojin Kim (Davis Senior High School, 10th Grade)
    Wonder, 2020

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