European Art

Paintings from this collection are on view on the Museum's third floor.

Shaped by Crocker family purchases made during their European trip of 1869-71, the collection boasts strengths in 19th century Central European art, 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, and Italian Baroque paintings. The Museum has since built upon and expanded these core areas, most significantly through a collection of 19th century Dutch paintings.

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  • Nicolas Loir (French, 1624–1679)
    The Brazen Serpent. n.d.
  • Pasquale Romanelli (Italian, 1812–1887)
    Columbia. circa 1875.
  • Paul Blondeau (French, active 1890–1920s)
    Dordrecht Harbor. circa 1890.
  • Paul Bürde (German, 1819–1874)
    Preaching in the Woods. n.d.
  • Peter Lely (British, born Netherlands, 1618–1680)
    Two Clerics, from a Procession of the Order of the Garter. n.d.
  • Phillippe de Champaigne (French, born Belgium, 1602–1674)
    Portrait of a Gentleman. n.d.
  • Pier Francesco Cittadini (Italian, 1616–1681)
    Landscape with Herder and Animals. n.d.
  • Pierfrancesco Mola (Italian, 1612–1666)
    Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. n.d.
  • Pierre Patel the Elder (French, circa 1605–1676)
    Classical Landscape. n.d.
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841–1919)
    Danseuse au Tambourin. 1919/1946.
  • Pierre-Jacques Cazes (French, 1676–1754)
    Venus, Eros and Anteros. n.d.
  • Pieter Brueghel the Younger (Flemish, 1564/65–1637/38)
    Peasant Wedding Dance. 1624.
  • Pieter Jansz. Quast (Dutch, 1606–1647)
    Quarreling Women. n.d.
  • Pieter Stevens (Belgian, circa 1567–after 1624)
    The Month of February. 1604/1607.
  • Pieter van Bloemen, called Standaart (Flemish, 1657–1720)
    Livestock Market in Rome. n.d.
  • Pietro Testa (Italian, circa 1612–1650)
    Venus and Cupid in a Landscape. n.d.
  • Portuguese artist, active 16th century
    Pietà. mid-16th century.
  • Raoul Dufy (French, 1877–1953)
    La Fête Chez Poiret. circa 1926.
  • Rembrandt van Rijn (?) (Dutch, 1606–1669)
    Liberation of Saint Peter. mid 1630s.
  • Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606–1669)
    The Death of the Virgin. 1639.


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