European Art

Paintings from this collection are on view on the Museum's third floor.

Shaped by Crocker family purchases made during their European trip of 1869-71, the collection boasts strengths in 19th century Central European art, 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, and Italian Baroque paintings. The Museum has since built upon and expanded these core areas, most significantly through a collection of 19th century Dutch paintings.

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  • Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606–1669)
    The Death of the Virgin. 1639.
  • Remigio Cantagallina (Italian, circa 1582–1656)
    View in a Tuscan Hill Town. n.d.
  • Roland Risse (German, 1835–1900)
    Sleeping Beauty. n.d.
  • Rosa Bonheur (French, 1822–1899)
    Landscape. n.d.
  • Sassoferrato (Italian, 1609–1685)
    Holy Family. n.d.
  • Simone Cantarini (Italian, 1612–1648)
    Holy Family and Figure Studies. n.d.
  • Theobald Reinhold von Oer (German, 1807–1885)
    Allegory of Mining. 1868.
  • Théodore Rousseau (French, 1812–1867)
    Sous Bois. n.d.
  • Thomas Couture (French, 1815–1879)
    Portrait of Mme. Sabatier. n.d..
  • Thomas Willeboirts (Flemish, 1614–1654)
    Venus and Adonis. n.d.
  • Unknown maker, circa 1500–1525 (Spanish, active 16th century)
    Lusterware Plate with Animal Shield. circa 1500–1525.
  • Vittore Carpaccio (Italian, circa 1460–1465 – circa 1525–26)
    Pope Alexander III Presenting a Ceremonial Umbrella.... n.d.
  • Wilhelm Marc (German, 1839–1907)
    Equality of Rank. n.d.
  • Wilhelm von Bemmel (Dutch, 1630–1708)
    Landscape with the Artist Sketching. n.d.

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