European Art

Paintings from this collection are on view on the Museum's third floor.

Shaped by Crocker family purchases made during their European trip of 1869-71, the collection boasts strengths in 19th century Central European art, 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, and Italian Baroque paintings. The Museum has since built upon and expanded these core areas, most significantly through a collection of 19th century Dutch paintings.

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  • Jacques-Louis David (French, 1748–1825)
    Funeral of a Hero. 1778.
  • Jan Davidsz de Heem (Dutch, 1606-1684)
    Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Bowl. after 1636.
  • Jan Frans van Bloemen (Flemish, 1662–1749)
    Classicizing Landscape. n.d.
  • Jan Savery (Flemish, 1597–1654)
    Elephant and Monkey. n.d.
  • Jan Steven van Calcar (Netherlandish, circa 1499–circa 1546)
    Studies of Human Bones. n.d.
  • Jean Renoir (French, 1894–1979)
    Vase avec baigneuses. circa 1920–1924.
  • Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (French, 1796–1875)
    Two Woodcutters in a Forest. n.d.
  • Jean-Francois Millet (French, 1814–1875)
    The Sewing Lesson. circa 1860.
  • Johann Georg Bergmüller (German, 1699–1762)
    Saint Martin Appealing to the Virgin. 1715.
  • Johann Gottlieb Prestel (German, 1739–1808)
    Self-Portrait. n.d.
  • Johann Peter Hasenclever (German, 1810-1853)
    Examination of Hieronymous Jobs. 1842.
  • Johann Philipp Veith (German, 1768-1837)
    Waterfall. n.d.
  • Josef Danhauser (Austrian, 1805–1845)
    Portrait of an Unknown Woman. 1836.
  • Josiah Wedgwood & Sons (British, founded 1759)
    Vase with Candlemas Fairyland lustre pattern. design circa 1915, production circa 1915-1932.
  • Karl August Aerttinger (German, 1803-1876)
    Invasion of Persia by the Russians. n.d.
  • Klaes Molenaer (Dutch, active circa 1630-1676)
    Winter Scene with Skaters. n.d.
  • Konrad Eberhard (German, 1768-1859)
    Madonna and Child with Saints. n.d.
  • Louis Jean Francois Lagrenée (French, 1724–1805)
    The Break of Dawn. 1722.
  • Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (French, 1865-1953)
    Portrait of a Woman. n.d.
  • Ludwig Emil Grimm (German, 1790–1863)
    Portrait of Balthazar von Speth. 1817.

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