European Art

Paintings from this collection are on view on the Museum's third floor.

Shaped by Crocker family purchases made during their European trip of 1869-71, the collection boasts strengths in 19th century Central European art, 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, and Italian Baroque paintings. The Museum has since built upon and expanded these core areas, most significantly through a collection of 19th century Dutch paintings.

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  • François Boucher (French, 1703–1770)
    The Birth of Venus. n.d.
  • François Guérin (French, active 1751–1791)
    Portrait of Mme de Pompadour and her daughter Alexandrine. n.d.
  • Franz Dietrich (German, 1838–1890)
    Oedipus and Antigone. n.d.
  • Franz Schüz (German, 1751–1781)
    View of the Münster Valley. 1780.
  • Franz Xaver Rektorzik (Czech, 1793–1851)
    Landscape with a Cliff. n.d.
  • Frederick Bloemaert (circa 1565–1651)
    Landscape with Tree Trunks and a Shepherd Resting. n.d.
  • Gaspard Dughet (French, 1615–1675)
    Landscape with Mercury and Argus. n.d.
  • Gaspard Dughet (French, 1615–1675)
    Landscape with Two Figures. n.d.
  • Georg Melchior Kraus (German, 1733 or 1737–1808)
    Young Woman Eating. n.d.
  • Gérard de Lairesse (Flemish, 1640–1711)
    Expulsion of Hagar. circa 1675.
  • Gerrit van Honthorst (Dutch, 1590–1656 )
    Allegory of Painting. 1648.
  • Giacomo Franco (?) (Italian, 1550–​1620)
    Musicians in a Gondola. n.d.
  • Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian, 1720–1778)
    Palazzo Per la Sacra Consulta. n.d.
  • Giuseppe Bernardino Bison (Italian, 1762–1844)
    Capriccio Landscape with Classical Monuments. n.d.
  • Guido Cagnacci (?) (Italian, 1601–1663)
    Allegory of Life. n.d.
  • Hans Rottenhammer (German, 1564–1625)
    Judgement of Paris. n.d.
  • Hendrick Goltzius (Dutch, 1558–1617)
    Eer boven golt [Honor above Gold]. 1609.
  • Hendrick Goltzius (Dutch, 1558–1617)
    Judith with the Head of Holofernes. early 1590s.
  • Herman van Swanevelt (Dutch, circa 1600–1665)
    A Satyr Family in the Forest. 1639.
  • Hermann Kaulbach (German, 1846–1909)
    The First Confession. n.d.


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