European Art

Paintings from this collection are on view on the Museum's third floor.

Shaped by Crocker family purchases made during their European trip of 1869-71, the collection boasts strengths in 19th century Central European art, 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, and Italian Baroque paintings. The Museum has since built upon and expanded these core areas, most significantly through a collection of 19th century Dutch paintings.

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  • Abraham Danielsz Hondius (Dutch, 1625–1691)
    A Huntsman and Hounds in a Landscape. 1652.
  • Adolf Friedrich Georg Wichmann (German, 1820–1866)
    Madonna and Child. n.d.
  • Adriaen van de Velde (Dutch, 1636–1672)
    A Young Woman as Pomona. circa 1670.
  • Adrian Zingg (Swiss, 1734–1816)
    A View of the Elbe River and the Bastei Rocks in the Sächsische Schweiz, Saxony. n.d.
  • Agostino Ciampelli (Italian, 1565–1630)
    The Visitation. n.d.
  • Albert Venus (German, 1842–1871)
    Thunderstorm in the Roman Campagna. 1868.
  • Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471–1528)
    Female Nude with a Staff. 1498.
  • Andreas Achenbach (German, 1815–1910)
    Norwegian Coast by Moonlight. 1848.
  • Andries Dirksz Both (Dutch, circa 1612–1641)
    The Hornpipe. n.d.
  • Anthony van Dyck (Flemish, 1599–1641)
    Portrait of Paulus Halmalius. n.d.
  • Anton Raphael Mengs (German, 1728–1779)
    Death of Dido. n.d.
  • Antonio Tempesta (Italian, 1555–1630)
    Battle Scene. n.d.
  • Armand Rassenfosse (Belgian, 1862–1934)
    La Muse Vénale. 1899.
  • Bartholomeus Breenbergh (Dutch, 1598–1657)
    Temple of the Tiburtine Sibyl at Tivoli. 1627.
  • Bernardo Strozzi (Italian, 1581–1644)
    A Young Man Posed as the Salvator Mundi. circa 1618.
  • Burgundian School (?)
    Two Magistrates with a Shield. n.d.
  • Carl Adalbert Hermann (German, 1791–1845)
    Allegory of the Nativity. 1835.
  • Cavaliere d'Arpino (Italian, 1568–1640)
    Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine. n.d.
  • Charles Émile Jacque (French, 1813–1894)
    Landscape with Shepherdess. n.d.
  • Charles Le Brun (French, 1619–1690)
    Man Clinging to a Rock. n.d.


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