• Peter VandenBerge (American, born Netherlands, 1935)
    Sin Yo Rita, 1992
  • Peter Voulkos (American, 1924–2002)
    Three Stacked Forms, 1977
  • Richard Carter (American, born 1959)
    Trust, 1999
  • Richard Shaw (American, born 1941)
    Stack of Cards with Two Books or Virgil Partch and Dick Shaw, 1985
  • Robert Carston Arneson (American, 1930–1992)
    Overcooked, 1973
  • Robertson Pottery (Fred H. Robertson, American, 1869–1952; and George B. Robertson, American, 1907-1966)
    Vase, circa 1934
  • Stephen De Staebler (American, 1933–2011)
    Green Stele, 1973
  • Tom Rippon (American, born 1954)
    La Vase Mysterieux, 2001
  • Tony Natsoulas (American, born 1959)
    Marriage of the Angels Á la Mode, 2002
  • Toshiko Takaezu (American, born 1922)
    Untitled, 1990s
  • Toshiko Takaezu (American, born 1922)
    Untitled, 2000


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