Art Auction 2022

Featuring all Live Art Auction and Silent Art Auction works, the Art Auction Exhibition will be on view at the Museum from Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, June 5.

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  • Hugh Mendes
    Obituary: Richard Diebenkorn. 2017.
  • Janet Barnes
    Evening Recap. 2016.
  • Jann Nunn
    Lola. 2016.
  • Jasmine Fetterman
    Tandem Fountain. 2019.
  • Jaya King
    Updraft. 2021.
  • Jeffrey Paradis
    A Vase is a Dangerous Thing. 2021.
  • Jian Wang
    Still Life with a Glass Bottle and Wood Bowl. 2021.
  • Joann Lindelof 
    Fear. 2021.
  • John Tarahteeff
    Bather at the Hopper House. 2014.
  • John Yoyogi Fortes
    Untitled. 2018.
  • Juan Carlos Quintana
    Can of Worms. 2019.
  • Jud Bergeron
    Monolith. 2018.
  • Junnior Navarro
    Black Roses. 2019.
  • Jupiter Lockett
    Bitch, I’m here. 2021.
  • Karen Shapiro
    Bardahl. 2021.
  • Katherine Venturelli
    Circles of the Mind. 2021.
  • Kathleen Elliot
    Deep Sea Tumbleweed. 2020.
  • Keith Schneider
    Steven and Harriet. 2021.
  • Ken Waterstreet
    Gerle Creek Reflection. 2021.
  • Kim Cardoso
    Returning. 2021.


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