Art Auction 2022

Featuring all Live Art Auction and Silent Art Auction works, the Art Auction Exhibition will be on view at the Museum from Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, June 5.

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  • Cory Swenson-Scott
    Night Bloom. 2022.
  • Craig Martinez
    Male Figure. 2018.
  • Daryll Peirce
    A Momentary Quietus. 2014.
  • David Avery
    After the Deluge. 2022.
  • David Ligare
    Still Life with Peaches, (Offering). 2021.
  • David Post
    View From The Cathedral. 2020.
  • David Robertson
    Aflame. 2021.
  • David Ruderman
    Lone Tree, Vancouver Island. 2022.
  • Dean Burton
    Pyramid Lake. 2019.
  • Deladier Almeida
    Bowing the Ridge. 2022.
  • Emma Luna
    Shades of green. 2022.
  • Fernando Socorro
    New Air Traffic Control Tower I, SFO. 2018.
  • Fred Uhl Ball
    Untitled. 1985.
  • Gary Edward Blum
    Target House Bldg. T828 with Pink Shape, Target House Bldg. T828 with Black Shape. 2020.
  • Gary Szymanski
    Untitled. 2020.
  • Geralyn Montano
    Little She Bears Arms to Bare the Truth. 2014.
  • Gina Werfel
    Rift. 2018.
  • Glenn Sorensen
    Horses along the Silk Road, Series II. 2019.
  • Gregory Kondos
    Half Dome. 1998.
  • Hilary Baker
    Night, Panorama City. 2017.


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