American Art before 1945

The core collection of Californian art was assembled by Judge E. B. and Margaret Crocker in the early 1870s. The Museum continues to collect and display the work of California’s premier artists and seeks to present a comprehensive survey of art produced in and about California from statehood to contemporary times. The Museum also collects American art broadly from the 19th century to the present, especially that which provides a context for the Californian collection.

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  • Henry Jerome Schile (German, 1829–1901), published by H. Schile & Co.
    Across the Continent: Passing the Humboldt River. 1870.
  • Herbert Cressey (American, 1883–1944)
    Untitled (The Open Window). n.d.
  • Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl (American, born Germany, 1820–1889)
    Temptation. 1883.
  • Irving Norman (American, born Lithuania, 1906–1989)
    Laissez Faire Industrialism II. 1944.
  • Jack Wilkinson Smith (American, 1873–1949)
    California Coast. n.d.
  • Jodocus Hondius (Dutch, 1563–1612)
    America. 1606.
  • John Frost (American, 1890–1937)
    The Beach, Santa Monica. 1921.
  • John Frost (American, 1890–1937)
    San Gabriel Valley. 1923.
  • John Frost (American, 1890–1937)
    Goats on a Hillside, Pomona. 1924.
  • John Gutmann (American, born Germany, 1905–1998)
    Auto Ferry: San Francisco. 1934.
  • John Henry Twachtman (American, 1853–1902)
    Artist's Home, Greenwich, Connecticut. circa 1890.
  • John Hubbard Rich (American, 1876–1954)
    Day Dreams. 1918.
  • John Marshall Gamble (American, 1863–1957)
    Spring Flowers (Poppies and Lupine, Goleta Point). n.d.
  • John Marshall Gamble (American, 1863–1957)
    A Spring Morning, Poppies and Bush Lupine. circa 1915.
  • John Marshall Gamble (American, 1863–1957)
    Wild Everlasting. circa 1915.
  • John O'Shea (American, born Ireland, 1876–1956)
    Carmel. circa 1927.
  • Joseph Becker (American, 1841–1910), printed by J.P. Davis (American, 1832–1910) and published by Frank Leslie (American, born England, 1821–1880)
    Scene in the Principal Chinese Theatre, San Francisco. 1870.
  • Joseph Kleitsch (American, born Hungary, 1882–1931)
    The Oriental Shop. 1922.
  • Joseph Raphael (American, 1869–1950)
    Untitled (Belgian Home in the Cabbage Field). n.d.
  • Jules Tavernier (American, born France, 1844–1889)
    Marin Sunset, back of Petaluma. early 1880s.


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