American Art before 1945

The core collection of Californian art was assembled by Judge E. B. and Margaret Crocker in the early 1870s. The Museum continues to collect and display the work of California’s premier artists and seeks to present a comprehensive survey of art produced in and about California from statehood to contemporary times. The Museum also collects American art broadly from the 19th century to the present, especially that which provides a context for the Californian collection.

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  • Franz Bischoff (American, born Austria, 1864–1929)
    Iris Vase. 1903.
  • Franz Bischoff (American, born Austria, 1864–1929)
    Water Lilies Vase. 1901.
  • Franz Bischoff (American, born Austria, 1864–1929)
    Cambria, A Peaceful California Village. circa 1925.
  • Frederick A. Butman (American, 1820–1871)
    Mount Shasta. 1865.
  • Frederick Carl Frieseke (American, 1874–1939)
    Woman in Her Boudoir. circa 1924.
  • Frederick Carl Frieseke (American, 1874–1939)
    The Fountain. 1923.
  • Furniture Shop (Arthur Mathews (1860–1945) and Lucia Kleinhans Mathews (1870–1955)
    Table. n.d.
  • George de Forest Brush (American, 1855–1941)
    Portrait of Elizabeth Sinton Walker (Mrs. Harry Walker). 1881.
  • George Frederick Keller (American, born Prussia, 1846–1927) and Francis Korbel (active 19th century), published by F. Korbel & Bros.
    Emperor Norton. circa 1880.
  • George Gardner Symons (American, 1861–1930)
    View from Point Loma. circa 1895.
  • Georgia O'Keeffe (American, 1887–1986)
    It Was a Man and a Pot. 1942.
  • Gertrud and Otto Natzler (American, born Austria, 1908–1971; 1908–2007)
    Bowl. 1943.
  • Gideon Jacques Denny (American, 1830–1886)
    City of Lakeport on Clearlake. 1876.
  • Giovanni Boldini (Italian, 1842–1931)
    Portrait of Ethel Mary Crocker de Limur. 1906.
  • Giuseppe Cadenasso (American, born Italy, 1858–1918)
    Seminary Avenue, Mills College. n.d.
  • Gottardo Piazzoni (American, born Switzerland, 1872–1945)
    Sketch for a Mural Decoration. 1925.
  • Grace Carpenter Hudson (American, 1865–1937)
    Kai-Dai. 1913.
  • Grace Carpenter Hudson (American, 1865–1937)
    Back to Her Tribe. 1898.
  • Grace Young (American, 1869–1947)
    Vase with Portrait of Suriap. 1901.
  • Granville Redmond (American, 1871–1935)
    A Shepherd and his Flock in the Early Morning Mist. 1930.


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