American Art before 1945

The core collection of Californian art was assembled by Judge E. B. and Margaret Crocker in the early 1870s. The Museum continues to collect and display the work of California’s premier artists and seeks to present a comprehensive survey of art produced in and about California from statehood to contemporary times. The Museum also collects American art broadly from the 19th century to the present, especially that which provides a context for the Californian collection.

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  • Edward Jump (American, born France, 1832–1883)
    E. Pluribus Unum Eureka go Brah! (A Fortune for U and i). n.d.
  • Edwin Deakin (American, born England, 1838–1923)
    Cattle Drive Near the Mission. 1876.
  • Edwin Deakin (American, born England, 1838–1923)
    Le coin de cuisine (Kitchen Corner). 1883.
  • Edwin Deakin (American, born England, 1838–1923)
    San Gabriel Mission. n.d.
  • Edwin Deakin (American, born England, 1838–1923)
    Strawberry Creek. 1893.
  • Edwin Howland Blashfield (American, 1848–1936)
    Music. circa 1890s.
  • Elihu Vedder (American, 1836–1923)
    Muse of Tragedy. 1894.
  • Elizabeth Eaton Burton (American, born France, 1869–1937)
    Lily Lamp. circa 1905–1910.
  • Elmer Wachtel (American, 1864–1929)
    Monrovia Canyon. n.d.
  • Emmy Lou Packard (American, 1914–1998)
    Frida's Dresser, My Face Reflected on Mirror. 1941.
  • Eric Pape (American, 1870–1938)
    The Slave Market. 1922.
  • Ernest E. Narjot (American, born France, 1826–1898)
    Mon Brave. 1871.
  • Ernest Peixotto (American, 1869–1940)
    Clearing by a Willow, San Rafael. 1893.
  • Fortunato Arriola (American, born Mexico, 1827–1872)
    Untitled (Tropical Landscape). 1866.
  • Frances Flora Bond Palmer (American, born England, 1812–1876) and James Merritt Ives (American, 1824–1895)
    Across the Continent. 1868.
  • Francis Ficke (American, active 20th century) published by O.W. Co.
    Destruction of San Francisco by Earthquake and Fire, April 18th, 1906. 1906.
  • Francis McComas (American, born Australia, 1874–1938)
    Monterey Bay. 1902.
  • Frank Myers Boggs (American, 1855–1926)
    Dordrecht Harbor. circa 1880–1881.
  • Franz A. Bischoff (American, born Austria, 1864–1929)
    Red and White Roses Vase. 1908.
  • Franz A. Bischoff (American, born Austria, 1864–1929)
    The Arroyo Seco, Pasadena. circa 1918.


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