American Art before 1945

The core collection of Californian art was assembled by Judge E. B. and Margaret Crocker in the early 1870s. The Museum continues to collect and display the work of California’s premier artists and seeks to present a comprehensive survey of art produced in and about California from statehood to contemporary times. The Museum also collects American art broadly from the 19th century to the present, especially that which provides a context for the Californian collection.

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  • Charles Christian Nahl (American, born Germany, 1818-1878)
    The Fandango, 1873
  • Charles Christian Nahl (American, born Germany, 1818–1878)
    Sunday Morning in the Mines, 1872
  • Charles Dormon Robinson (American, 1847–1933)
    Crests of the Sierra, 1909
  • Charles Rollo Peters (American, 1862–1928)
    San Fernando Mission, n.d.
  • Childe Hassam (American, 1859–1935)
    An Outdoor Portrait of Miss Weir, 1909
  • Chiura Obata (American, born Japan, 1885-1975)
    Maiden of Northern Japan, 1931
  • Clarence K. Hinkle (American, 1880–1960)
    Palm Canyon, n.d.
  • Colin Campbell Cooper (American, 1856–1937)
    Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, 1916
  • Donna Schuster (American, 1883–1953)
    Garden Reflection, circa 1925
  • Dorothea Lange (American, 1895–1965)
    Texas Drought Refugees in Cotton Camp Near Exeter, Ca, Nov. 1936
  • E. Charlton Fortune (American, 1885–1969)
    Feeding Chickens, Monterey, 1918
  • Eanger Irving Couse (American, 1866–1936)
    On the Seine, 1890
  • Edgar Alwin Payne (American, 1883–1947)
    California Coast, n.d.
  • Edmund Charles Tarbell (American, 1862–1934)
    In the Station Waiting Room, Boston, circa 1915
  • Edward Henry Weston (American, 1886–1958)
    Portrait of David McAlpin, circa 1938
  • Edward Henry Weston (American, 1886–1958)
    Pots: Heaped Black Ollas in the Oaxaca Market, 1926
  • Edward Henry Weston (American, 1886–1958)
    Untitled Nude (Charis), 1934
  • Edwin Deakin (American, born England, 1838–1923)
    Cattle Drive Near the Mission, 1876
  • Edwin Deakin (American, born England, 1838–1923)
    Le coin de cuisine (Kitchen Corner), 1883
  • Edwin Deakin (American, born England, 1838–1923)
    San Gabriel Mission, n.d.

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