American Art after 1945

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  • Richard Notkin (American, born 1948)
    All Nations Have Their Moments of Foolishness. 2006.
  • Richard Shaw (American, born 1941)
    Stack of Cards with Two Books or Virgil Partch and Dick Shaw. 1985.
  • Rick Arnitz (American, born 1949)
    Letters from the Earth. 2002.
  • Rick Bartow (Wiyot, Mad River Band, 1946–2016)
    Coyote and Crow Story. 2014.
  • Rick Bartow (Wiyot, Mad River Band, 1946–2016)
    Fire III (Rain of Fire Coming, Last One Standing). 2004.
  • Robert Bechtle (American, 1932–2020)
    French Doors II. 1966.
  • Robert Brady (American, born 1946)
    Aleut. 1989.
  • Robert Carston Arneson (American, 1930–1992)
    Overcooked. 1973.
  • Robert Cremean (American, born 1932)
    Study for Homage to Paul Apostle. 1970.
  • Robert Cremean (American, born 1932)
    Studio Section 2002–2005: Marsyas/Myself: Marsyas. 2002–2005.
  • Robert Frank (Swiss-American, born Switzerland 1924–2019)
    Peru (Two Nuns at Mausoleum). 1948.
  • Robert Hudson (American, born 1938)
    Outrigger. 1983–1984.
  • Robert Pearson McChesney (American, 1913–2008)
    Campo A #7. 1951.
  • Robin Hill (American, born 1955)
    Dot Transport Cabinet, For Mary. n.d.
  • Roland Petersen (American, born Denmark, 1926)
    Two Seated Figures. 1967.
  • Roland Petersen (American, born Denmark, born 1926)
    An American Picnic. 1967.
  • Romare Howard Bearden (American, 1911–1988)
    Mother and Child. 1968.
  • Roy De Forest (American, 1930–2007)
    Recollections of a Sword Swallower. 1968.
  • Roy DeCarava (American, 1919–2009)
    Dancers, New York. 1956.
  • Rudy Autio (American, 1927–2007)
    Animal Fair. 1984.

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