American Art after 1945

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  • Jess (American, 1923–2004)
    Feignting Spell. 1954.
  • Joan Brown (American, 1938–1990)
    Flora. 1961.
  • Joan Brown (American, 1938–1990)
    Wolf in Studio. 1972.
  • John Bulmer (British, born 1938)
    Black Country 011, Divided Street. 1961.
  • John McLaughlin (American, 1898–1976)
    Untitled. circa 1946–1949.
  • Judith Lowry (Maidu/Pit River, born 1948)
    Welgatim's Song. 2001.
  • Judy Dater (American, born 1941)
    Twinka Thiebaud. 1970.
  • Jun Kaneko (American, born Japan, 1942)
    Untitled Platter. 1987.
  • Ken Light (American, born 1951)
    Cuyotepeji, Oaxaca, Mexico, San Ysidro, 1986. printed 1989.
  • Larry Clark (American, born 1943)
    Everytime I See You Punk You're Gonna Get the Same. 1971.
  • Leon Levinstein (American, 1910–1988)
    Fifth Street and Broadway. circa 1958.
  • Lewis deSoto (Cahuilla, born 1954)
    The Restoration. 2006.
  • Lezley Saar (American, born 1953)
    Zerpenta Dambullah: Born under the shade of a black willow tree in New Orleans in 1826 sat on a rock turning rain into tobacco smoke. 2019.
  • Lezley Saar (American, born 1953)
    I turned by back on the ocean defacing the ocean. 2019.
  • Lise Sarfati (French, born Algeria 1958)
    Elisabeth, Sunset Boulevard and North Poinsettia, from the series On Hollywood. 2010.
  • Luis Cruz Azaceta (American, born Cuba, 1942)
    The Soldier: Memorial Day. 1986.
  • Luis Jimenez (American, 1940–2006)
    Progress II. 1974.
  • Manuel Neri (American, born 1930)
    Catun No. 2. 1986.
  • Martín Ramírez (Mexican, 1895–1963)
    The Virgin. circa 1948–1950.
  • Mel Ramos (American, born 1935)
    The Atom. 1962.

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