American Art after 1945

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  • Alan Rath (American, born 1959)
    Neo Watcher V, 2002
  • Allan Houser (American Chiricahua Apache, 1914–1994)
    Force, 1978–1990
  • Allan Houser (American, 1914–1994)
    The Young Potter, 1986
  • Andrea Gill (American, born 1948)
    Illusionary Flight, 1992
  • Ansel Adams (American, 1902–1984)
    Oak Tree, Sunset City, 1962
  • Antonio Prieto (American, born Spain, 1912–1967)
    Bottle, mid-1950s
  • Beatrice Wood (American, 1893–1998)
    Blue and Gold Lusterware with Band of Gold Figures, 1977
  • Bennett Bean (American, born 1941)
    Untitled (Vessel), 1982
  • Bill Owens (American, born 1938)
    Our house is built with the living room in the back, so that in the evenings we sit out front of the garage and watch the traffic go by, 1968–72
  • Claire Falkenstein (American, 1908-1997)
    Untitled (Surrealist Painting), 1945
  • Claire Falkenstein (American, 1908–1997)
    Body Centered Cubic, circa 1960
  • Clayton Bailey (American, born 1939)
    Buns Robot, 2003
  • Clayton Bailey (American, born 1939)
    Claytonium Bottle, 1991
  • Dale Chihuly (American, born 1941)
    Golden Teal Chandelier, 2014
  • Dale Chihuly (American, born 1941)
    Macchia Seaform Group, 1984
  • Daniel Douke (American, born 1943)
    Widescreen, 2009
  • David Gilhooly (American, 1943–2013)
    Frog Drum, circa 1975
  • David Gilhooly (American, 1943–2013)
    Frog Buddha, 1975
  • David Hollowell (American, born 1951)
    Mother and Child, 1989
  • David Huffman (American, born 1963)
    Belly Button Window, 2006

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